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Top – Camden (similar) | Skirt – Primark | Sandals – Peacocks | Sunnies – Primark | Watch – Claires

Another incredibly windy day, so hiding in a door frame seemed appropriate. It’s okay, soon it’ll be winter and i’ll be able to get back into tights and trousers! I grabbed this skirt in the sale at Primark for something ridiculous like £3.50?! The crop top is a firm favourite of mine, Mr Nolan bought it for me when he was in Camden last year, he knows me so well! It was actually our 4 year anniversary yesterday, aww.
I’ve been wearing these sandals a lot lately, when I first bought them it was because my work shoes were giving me horrendous blisters, and at first I hated them and deemed them “the ugly shoes” but now i’ve really grown to like them, plus they’re super comfortable and have a teeny tiny heel, this girl needs all the extra height she can get!
Sorry i’m not very chatty today, mid week blues and all that! But here’s a funny one, Nolan took these photos for me, as always bless him, and he began shouting things out like, “lean against the wall” “put your leg on the side” and “pout, POUT!” so I did, haha! Please note that I have the smallest lips in the history of ever, so my pout is very.. not pouty haha! I hope everyone’s week is going well! Have you picked up any bargains lately?
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