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13 Days Without Blogging

Holy wow, how have thirteen whole days passed by without me writing a single blog post?! You’re all probably wondering what fantastic, interesting, extraordinary things i’ve been up to over the last two weeks.. but the answer is, well, nothing. I’ve done plenty of things and been relativity sociable, but nothing that I wouldn’t normally be doing. None the less, I thought I little catch up post was in order, so here we go!

Most of my time, as it always has been, is spent at work, just like everybody else in the real world. Most bloggers that I follow aren’t top bloggers who are fortunate enough to live off of their blog, most of them are people who still work 9-5, five days a week and like me have a house to go back to, two cats, a guinea pig and a boyfriend to look after(Nolan’s a dream though, best chef ever, he just still hasn’t mastered how to use the washing machine or locate the wash basket after 25 years of living). 

There’s nothing wrong with being able to live off your blog, if you’re reading this and you do, then you go buddy! I’d love to be able to write my blog for a living but the truth is, I really don’t see that on the horizon any time soon. So keeping up a full time job, a house, a relationship, a social life and writing a blog can be.. tiring. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing my blog and I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t, but it sort of becomes hard to juggle so many things in a day when you spend 10 hours of your day not at home. I’ve really missed my little corner of the internet and reading other’s too! But I’m definitely ready to get stuck back in with my little blog. I think what i’m trying to say is that one of the reasons I haven’t blogged in the last thirteen days is because I sort of needed a break, a week or so to just be able to go home and chill and spend lots of time with the people I love, so that’s exactly what I did!
big headed people, destined to be together.

So in the last two week’s I have fallen in love with 5 Seconds of Summer(#1 fan girl right here, oops? but seriously have you heard their album? BABES), drank a lot of tinto de verano and apple sourz, had a beach BBQ with some of the coolest people on the planet, dyed my hair pink(again), found a fantastic new Italian restaurant that I attended on Thursday with Nolan and the in-laws(best rose ever, am I sounding like an alcoholic yet?), discovered a Revlon bronzer that doesn’t make me look like i’ve just stepped off the set of Towie, spent too much money in Dorothy Perkins and Topshop, lost my nose stud yet again, cleaned my entire house from top to bottom and most excitingly, got accepted on to a journalism course that i’ve wanted to do for eons! 
Honestly, words can not describe how happy I was when I received the email telling me my start date(tomorrow!). Journalism is something i’ve always been interested in and after a long, hard think, I decided to take the plunge and apply and here I am, an almost journalism student! It’s a distance learning course so everything’s sent to me via email and I even have my own tutor to talk to and probably annoy the shit out of with endless questions, but hey, that’s their job right?

I’ve never really had a set mind on a career path but in the last year or so, I’ve had two different choices, one of them of course being journalism and the other being fashion styling, but we’ll go in to that another time.

So at the moment, I guess you could say life’s pretty hunky dory! I’m pretty sure in a month’s time i’ll be knackered but that’s nothing a cup of coffee can’t fix(yes, i’ve taken a slight.. I wouldn’t say liking, more of a strange craving for coffee in the morning. Before anyone jumps the gun, i’m not expecting a mini Maisie-Nolan)

In between all this, i’ve been jotting down some blog post ideas, so i’m pretty excited for the weeks to come! Also, i’ve almost reached 200 followers, I can’t believe that anyone reads my blog, let alone almost 200 of you?! It’s not a lot for most, but if you were to put 200 people in my flat.. well, you couldn’t fit 200 people in my flat! So I just want to say a quick thank you to each and every one of you that reads my blog, whether you’ve read it from day one, or this is the first post of mine that you’ve read, thank you! Ps, look out for a giveaway when I hit that lovely, round number!

I hope everyone’s had a fantastic weekend! What have you been up to? 

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  1. Well done you, on your course and followers. I totally agree it's hard to keep up with blog and life sometimes, good to have a little break every now and then

  2. Thank you sweetie! x

  3. I totally understand you!! Sometimes it's just necessary to relax and just take a break πŸ™‚ I sometimes feel that way too, to just take a little break and then come back with full energy πŸ™‚
    btw congratulation to the almost 200 followers πŸ™‚
    xx Ama


  4. Aww thanks hun xx

  5. Wishing you all the best for your future!<3
    Also, spending too much money in DP & Topshop can never be a bad thing πŸ˜›

    Style Sunriseβ˜€


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