#LearningToLoveMyBody | OOTD

I’ve been wanting to write this post for such a long time now, but I can never really manage to say all that I want to, but here’s to draft number 34!

So I decided to title this post, #LearningToLoveMyBody because that’s exactly the journey i’m on right now! Body image(sounds so much more dramatic when I type it out, oh lord) is something that pretty much everyone I know has had some what of a battle with at some point in their life. Me? I battle with my body image pretty much everyday, from the moment I wake up until I fall back into bed again at 11pm. Before anyone starts, this isn’t a call out for attention or compliments, I just really want everyone to read this and have a real good think and hopefully take something good away with them. 
I’m sure i’m not the only one who’s downloaded the “time-hop” app and is having a right laugh at some of their old status’ and what not, but one this i’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks, is how much I used to cover up in summer. Living in Gibraltar, summer really is summer, for three long, sweaty months, for example, it was 30 degrees today and it’ll probably be even hotter tomorrow. Almost everyday I see a photo of myself from five or so years ago and i’m wearing tights, yes, thick, black tights in the middle of August. Mad? No, just self conscious. Never in a million years would I have worn a crop top out in public a few years ago, not even if you paid me seriously good cash! Now look at me, legs out n’all!
Something else i’ve been focusing on this year is what i’m putting inside my body. Being vegetarian, it’s easy to fall in to a diet of “snacks“, and I literally mean pilling up on junk food for an entire week or filling up on as little as juice and a packet of crisps for the entire day. I’m not proud of either, but what I am proud of is getting in to more of a routine with food and learning about what foods will make my body happy and which I should have in moderation. Along with that, i’ve been doing a lot more physical exercise, which is again fantastic for your body. I’ve learnt to listen to my body and give it what it wants and needs as appose to what I think it wants and I think I needs. 
I wanted to write this post, not to address all the things I dislike about my body, but to highlight all the lovely, fantastic things that I’ve slowly been learning to love about my body! So i’ll just begin shall I? I think I have a really nice eye colour, different to the majority of people I know. I think my facial features are well placed/proportioned across my face. I like that you can see definition in my arms when I pick things up/use what body strength I have. I’m going to write this exactly how i’d say it in person, I like my boobs! Little hand fulls I call ‘um! I like that I have a waist that goes in and hips the come out, it makes me feel more womanly(does that even make sense? I told you i’d tried too many times to write this post). My bottom is another thing that makes me feel quite good about my body. I like my calves, they would look better with a couple more tattoo’s though, oops! I love that I am healthy and now becoming happy in my body!
You might love all these things about your body too, but you might love completely different parts of your body and that’s really great too! No two people are the same and no two people’s minds work the same. There will be parts of your body that you think you’ll never learn to love, but hey, I did it, so can you! I never even thought i’d be writing an entire blog post about loving my body! You don’t have to write a whole blog post on all the things you love about your body, but i’d really like it if everyone who reads this writes at least one thing that they love about their own body in the comments section below, or sends a tweet to me (@lovemaisieblog) using the hashtag #LearningToLoveMyBody. Not only are you reminding yourself of the fabulous body that you have, you’re showing the whole world(okay, maybe just like the 100 or so people that will read this post, but still, achievement)!
I hope this post has helped at least one of you to see the beauty in your body! Now, go forth and share your best bits with the world! (Maybe don’t take that too literally, that could possibly lead to a banned account, cause y’know, nudity policies and all