Polyvore Style Board | #38

Jeans | Coat | Boots | Jumper | Bag | Beanie
Hello world! I’ve been a bad blogger, I know, but i’m back now! I won’t bore you with the details of the last two weeks, i’ll just get right back into this blogging thing!

It’s official, winter is coming! I’ve only seen the first season of Games of Thrones but from what i’ve heard, Winter isn’t all that great in the world of GoT, but for me, it’s pretty epic! The boots come out of hiding and the jackets get put out on the hangers. I am 100% over summer and it’s heat this year, i’m honestly praying for rain now.

I wore jeans last night for the first time since, May? It felt fantastic! Not only was it a major surprise that they still fit me, but I could almost taste the winter air! I’ve got my eyes on these Topshop skinny jeans. I’ve not had a pair of skinny’s with rips in them for years and years and this year they seem to be on the rise. You can buy these online now for £45.
I honestly don’t know how i’m going to live another day without this coat. I found it over on a website called BlackFive, i’d never heard of it before today.This coat is an absolute bargain at just £19.83! I hate to sound like the DFS adverts, but it’s under £20! Certainly not Topshop prices, sorry Topshop. I’m not sure if they ship to Gibraltar, but if they do, I know i’m ordering this as soon as I get paid at the end of the month. I love everything from it’s colour to the fit and style. I just need it.
I have a feeling that i’ll be selling a lot of my old clothes/shoes to be able to afford all the amazing boots that are out right now, including these puppies. They’re the perfect combination of cute and grungy. To be fair, you could buy an ol’ pair of boots and sew some floral fabric on the inside of the flaps, blog post idea #2376730921. These are available from Charlotte Russe for around £27, bargain.
This next item makes me really sad because it’s sold out in every size except extra small, so Monki, if you’re reading this, please bring it back! I think this jumper brings the whole look together, it’s quite a casual/tracksuit style jumper but I adore it. If you’re an extra small you can order it now for £25. 
I couldn’t post a style board without something from ModCloth now could I? I was actually looking for a backpack that was the exact same shade as the Charlotte Russe boots, but I failed miserably, haha. If you hadn’t already noticed, i’m sort of a sucker for backpacks and this one is no exception. This is currently available from Modcloth for around £43.
I thought i’d finish this look off with a beanie, and I know i’ve said this before, but I really want to try and rock a beanie this winter. Not only do they keep your head/ears warm, but they look super cute! I found this one over on Nordstorm for £15 but you can find similar ones from pretty much any high street shop for around a fiver, cough cough primarni
So what do you think of this look? Are you as excited for winter as I am? Let me know!