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A Rather Pricey Homeware Wishlist


Armchair | Sweetheart Lamp | Pink Paris Clock | Unicorn Pillow | Relax Pillow | I Love You Pillow | Hakuna Matata Bed Spread | Floral Soap Dispenser | Toothbrush Holder | Elephant Candle | 3 Piece Tea Set | Antique French Victorian Hand Mirror | Perfume Bottle

If money were no object aye? I’ve seriously overspent on my imaginary budget here. Altogether the items come to around £1,000. I don’t need any of these items but I sure as hell want them!
We’ll start with one of the most beautiful armchair’s I’ve ever seen! I adore the print, it’s quite out there but still subtle enough to fit in with a neutral themed living room/bedroom, adding a little bit of a chic pop! It’ll set you back around £190 which isn’t a bad price for an armchair, plus is adorable!
How perfect is this backstage sweetheart lamp? It reminds me of something they’d have backstage at Moulin Rouge. This is another stand out item that would really add some extra sass to your bedroom. It’s no surprise that it’s a Modcloth item, did you really expect a wishlist without one, and it’s only £28! This is probably my favourite find on this wishlist and I think it’s going to be a Christmas present from me.. to me! Sorry i’m not sorry.
I visited Paris around a year and a half ago now and it’s such a beautiful City and whenever I see anything plastered with Parisian streets and of course, the Eiffel Tower, I feel a strong urge to buy it, is that weird? Aside’s from the fact it’s pink, you can order it as large as 60″! I’m 64″ in height so this clock would be nearly as tall as me, how epic would that look above your dinning table?! Admittedly £560 is a lot of money for a clock, but I did tell you that this was a pricey wishlist!
The next item is ridiculously priced but it’s freakin’ epic! Hello, a water colour effect Unicorn Pillow?! Who wouldn’t want one? Oh, just me? Okay. £150 is the grand total for this baby. So if anyone’s feeling generous, you know what to do..
The second pillow is just something sweet I need to have propped on that pink armchair up there. Relax, you’re home, just a little reminder that you should always have some wind down time once you get in from a long day at work. Plus, monochrome ♡ Still fairly expensive at £60.
I’m guessing you’ve figured that this third and final pillow isn’t a cheap one either. It reads, “I love you everywhere and anywhere inside and outside and inside out. Top to bottom and bottom to top.” Again I just think it’s really sweet and mushy, 100% something i’d send as a twitter update if I was feeling lovey dovey.
I found this bed spread/fleece on the same website as the armchair, If you know me well, you’ll know that I absolutely adore the Lion King. Being the monochrome lover that I am, I couldn’t leave this out of a wishlist could I? Beside’s, Santa could be reading.. P.S i’ve been very good and it’s only £38.
Another trend that i’ve loved for quite some time now is floral print and every now and then I do consider scrapping my plans for a nautical themed bathroom and re doing it all in floral prints. But then I remember how hard it was for me to convince Nolan that we should re decorate our bathroom in the first place. But how glamouros is this liquid soap dispenser(£20)? I need to see if I can find the mathcing toothbrush holder to store my make up brushes in, how sweet would that look on your dressing table? Speaking of Toothbrush holders, this one is super cute isn’t it? I think this would be a really cute way to remind your kids the they need to brush their pearly white’s, don’t you think?
£109 for a candle? Sometime’s I wonder how i’m not totally broke, 100% of the time. Who else even looks at these things? Well done Maisie!
I’ve wanted a proper little tea set for so long now. Not to use, just to have on the side in the Kitchen for decoration. This 3 piece from Royal Albert is such a gorgeous looking set. As much as I say i’d like to have it as more of an ornament, for £130, i’d be to scared of the cat’s knocking it off the table, so if I did make a sneaky purchase, i’d probably have to live it’s life hidden away in a cupboard.
Another item that i’ve wanted for years and years is a hand mirror and I recently found this one on Etsy and it’s currently on sale for just £38. Certainly another piece to pop on the dressing table and show your mates when they pop over.
I think perfume bottle’s are so beautiful. Think about how much work and effort has gone into designing each and every bottle. I keep all of my perfume bottles, never do I throw them away. I’m now buying a shelf to display them all on and I’d like to add this one to the collection.
So there’s my home ware wishlist for this month! What are you currently lusting over? Let me know below!

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