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Jumper Lust | BlackFive


So, a couple of posts back I mentioned that i’d found, and fallen in love with, an online store called BlackFive and seeing as it’s officially winter now(I actually have no idea if it’s “officially” winter but it’s really freakin’ cold, so for me, it’s winter), I thought it was only right to put together a little jumper wishlist lustlist!

So this first item isn’t technically a jumper, more of a cardigan, but it was too gorgeous to leave out! It’s also available in a black and a white but the beige one is the one for me ♡ I love big chunky pieces for this time of year, not only are they super cosy but they go with anything. Pair this with a pair of boots, jeans and a tee and you’re sorted! Currently available for £17.91
Despite having to wear burgundy everyday throughout my high school years, it’s a colour that i’ve now become quite attached to! Just your standard cable knit sweat with some distressed areas, another item that’d go with anything! Pop a pleather jacket on for a really on trend look this season! Really don’t think i’m “blogger” enough to say that but hi. Grab it for £21.75 right here.
Due to my terrible eyesight and my ridiculously shit attention span, at first glance I thought the pattern on this jumper was just white, holla at me if you thought the same, but once I opened it up in my browser I saw that it’s actually multi-tone! There’s a bit of pink, yellow, blue, green and ugh it’s just fantastic! It has a slightly wider neck line than the burgundy jumper which makes me like it a little more, it’s a little cheaper too! £18.55!
You didn’t think i’d write up a wishlist without something pink in it did you? This is a loose fitting jumper, which I love, because it means extra comfort and room for more layers of course! It’s also available in light blue and black! £22.39 and it’s yours!
I thought this next one was subtly festive with the snowflake decor around the neckline. Plus, it’s grey, one of the easiest colours to wear! You can keep it simple with monochrome or jazz it up a bit with a big, fluffy, red scarf to feel extra festive! Available online for £17.27!
Last but not least is this dreamy “light green” cable knit I say “light green” as it looks more of a duck egg blue colour to me hey ho. Another loose fitting piece, this one looks even more delicate and cosy than the pink sweater, don’t ya’ think? Also available in both red and white, perfect for the festive season! Can you tell i’m excited yet? Another bargain at just £19.19
So which of these BlackFive beauties is your favourite? Until the 11th of this month you can actually get 5% off when you buy one jumper or cardigan, but 20% off when you buy two! Oh and did I mention that they ship worldwide, for free! Hashtag, not a sponsored post haha.

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  1. I LOVE the red jumper, it looks so cool! x

  2. These jumpers look so snug. Love the baby pink one xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  3. I think a little bit of Wildfox inspiration has gone in to that one 🙂 x

  4. I just want to live in it hehe

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