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Quote of the Week | #49

How to have a lovely day
Smile at strangers: Something that I must remember to do often. I make eye contact with so many strangers/passer bys every single day, but I just get nervous and look away but every now and then I catch them smiling at me and it’s a really lovely feeling, so i’m going to start doing the same!

Slow down: Sure, do things and get sh*t done, but don’t rush. Pace yourself, enjoy every moment of every day.

Say thank you: I’ve always had manners extremely high on my “list of things to always remember,” my mumma brought me up a polite girl, and I think saying thank you is such an easy, yet lovely thing to say. Whether it’s to the waitress that just brought you your cafe mocha or the person who’s just held the lift for you, those two little words can really make another person smile!

Give lots of compliments: I always remind my loved ones how beautiful they are or how cute their new hair cut is. They might just say thanks or even just shrug it off, but it’ll make them smile inside.

Dress nicely: For yourself! Don’t dress for others, but dress up for yourself, you’ll feel more confident and that confidence will shine out of your face! New, cute underwear is always nice too.

Wear perfume: Another confidence booster! I’ve actually just ran out of my current favouite and it’s making me miserable, not gonna lie. But once again, remember, you’re doing this one for yourself.

Observe and listen: It’s great to be the friend who has always has something to say, a story to tell or all the answers, but it’s important to remember to observe those around you and to take it all in. Observe your surroundings, like really observe, write about it if you want to. Don’t just listen to what people are saying, listen to how they’re saying it, listen to the way their body reacts to everything they’re saying.

Be charming: Always be pleasant and kind to others, even if you’re not totally into that person, if they pass by, give them a little wave or a little smile, you’re just attracting negative energy by grunting or giving dirty looks.
Laugh: Having people around you to make you laugh is one of the loveliest feelings in the world, but learning how to make yourself laugh is a lovely feeling too. I probably sound crazy right now but it’s true! Whether it’s something you read, hear or something you do, laugh and don’t hold back! 
Wish others a lovely day: Working with the public, I sort of have this drummed into my brain anyway. “Have a lovely day,” “take care” there are lots of lovely little things you can say to someone, someone that might not have anybody around them to say those little things and you could really make their day!
So taking all that into account, I hope you all have a wonderful day! Monday’s don’t have to be so bad!

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