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So, I Haven’t Blogged in a While?

Gah, hello internet!

It feels like it’s been months since I last blogged, I think it’s actually been like a month and half, and technically now it was last year! I’ve been busy and done nothing all at the same time, do you get me? Basically, work’s been hectic with the lead up to Christmas and I honestly didn’t stop until Christmas Day. I slept in until about 11/12 and it was amazing!

So before I get back into a crazy busy blogging schedule, I thought i’d share some of my favourite photos form 2014!

Mumma and I at home | Me and the world’s smallest trolley! | I met that dude | Myself and the beautiful Kathy at Runway Gibraltar earlier this year | Calentita night = Mojito’s! | Ice cream date | Mumma came to visit me in the sun! | My “little” bro and I found the worlds biggest sun hats in F&F | So basically, where I live, you can see Africa, ft mumma | I had blonde and pink hair this summer, woo! | National Day is my favourite day of the year | Two of my best friends got married and it was beautiful | Hen nights, things happen, haha! | Sub-Selective gigs with my ladies | Franke’s the tallest person I know, cool | Little Jadus and I at Christmas

And now it’s 2015, holy jesus.
I’m going to get this post uploaded and start making an action plan for the life of Maisie for 2015. So prepare, big things are coming!

I hope everyone had a fantastic year and I hope this year brings you everything you wish for 

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