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Pick-Me-Ups For Those “UGH” Days

I know i’m not the only one who has “ugh” days. You know, the days where you wake up and just feel like crap, sort of like the world is out to get you? You don’t feel poorly or ill, just like rubbish and that everything you’re going to do that day is going to be rubbish. Often, that isn’t the case and all you need is someone or something to make you smile and you’ll be feeling right as rain! But sometimes you just want to be alone, at home and not have to deal with the world for a few hours.

With that being said, I decided to put a little list together of some of the things I do as little pick-me-up’s to get me through the “ugh” days!
Take a nap, with your cats, or any other pet you might have. My cats are like my little babies and whenever i’m feeling a bit down, a cuddle with them usually brings my mood up a few notches. They’re cute, fluffy, warm and their purring is actually quite therapeutic!
Paint your nails! I love having my nails painted, I feel complete when my nails are freshly painted. Give yourself a french manicure or paint them a really bold colour or even paint each nail a different colour, go crazy! Again, I find painting my nails really therapeutic.
Catch up on your favourite YouTube channels/Blogs: The internet is so saturated with vloggers and bloggers that’s it’s hard to find the time to keep up to date with everyone on an everyday basis. I spend a lot of time on YouTube but if i’m having a bit of a crappy day there are a few people that really brighten my mood. The channel that i’m loving the most at the moment is Hannah Maggs. Hannah and her husband Stef, and little baby Grayson, make weekly vlogs of their life and honestly, i’m not quite sure what it is about their vlogs that make’s them stand out from the rest, but they really do! Check out their channel here.
Read or re-read a good book: Okay so i’ve chosen the biggest cliche book of the century here but it was the first one I grabbed for this photo. I’ve always loved reading, I know it’s not for everyone but it’s something that’s always helped me get my head back to where it needs to be. I find it incredibly relaxing to curl up with a good book and a large cup of coffee. Some other’s that I’d recommend are Before I Go To Sleep by S.J.Watson, Looking For Alaska by John Green, One Day by Nicholas Sparks, Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern, The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night Time by Mark Haddon, Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.
I’m actually thinking about writing up a blog post about my ten favourite books of all time, let me know if you’d like to see that!
Have a bubble bath! I’m a strong believer in “bubbles for your troubles,” seriously, how can one feel crappy in a bath full of bubbles and essential oils and pure heavenly goodness? If you’ve not yet moved over to the bath side then please do! I promise a soak in the tub for a good half an hour will really help to make you feel better and cheer you up! Whilst you’re at it, why not try a face masks while you’re soaking in the tub!
I hope that if you’ve read this and you’re having a big of an “ugh” day and you decided to do at least one of these, that it makes you feel better! If you’re having a great day then that’s lovely! Let me know what you think of this kind of post? Have a lovely day

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  1. Brilliant Maisie, a real joy to read, we all need those pick me ups xxx 🙂

  2. Haha these are essential, most of my days are becoming ugh days recently because of sixth form and exams! I just wish I had cats now! 🙂

    Rebeka from Rebeka Taylor xx

  3. Lovely! I'm all about the polish and the bubbles for sure! xx


  4. Thanks muma <3

  5. Awww, don't stress chick, you'll do brilliantly!
    I do highly advise you to get kitties haha!

  6. Painting your nails whilst IN the tub is another good 'un!

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