Quote of the Week | #53

Get Shit Done (source)
Sorry for the curse but this is something I think I need to get tattooed across my forehead. I like to make plans, be it small ones or big ones, I like to sit down on a Sunday and plan things out for the week. But then of course, it gets to about midday on a Monday and i’ve already screwed up my “schedule.”

Basically, I am the Queen of procrastination and i’m not even proud. Sometime’s i’m lazy and other times I just don’t believe in myself enough to get said task/project done. 
At the beginning of the year I wrote a blog post about lots of lovely and exciting things that I was going to be doing this year and so far i’m not doing too well and the main reason is that I just don’t believe in myself enough to “get shit done“. So i’m trying to change that! 
I’m going to try and start this week off on the right foot and really get all the things done that I want to this week, from the little things like having a proper breakfast to filming a video that i’ve been trying to film for a month now, I will do these things this week!
Does any one else have this problem? I hope this little rant will maybe help you to get your little butt in to gear too! Have a lovely week 

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