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Snow White Inspired Look | Style

So, I originally made this set yonks ago! I found it in my drafts a couple of days ago, but seeing as most of the items i’d used were out of stock, I decided to re-vamp it and voila! I’m a real big lover of Disney so i’m surprised that I’ve not already blogged something like this before?! Let’s have a quick talk through, shall we!
First up, seeing as it’s coming up to spring time now, I decided to go with a little cropped, short sleeved tee. Last year these bad boys were everywhere so i’m sure they’ll be everywhere again this year. This one in particular is from a store called Forever New and it’s about £8. They’re super easy to pair with anything and super comfortable too, especially through the warmer months! This shade, described on the website as “imperial blue”, is pretty much on point for the top half of Snow’s dress, don’t ya think?
I decided to go with a midi skirt for this look to keep it looking classy! I was simply searching for “yellow skirts” when I found this one from Choies. Not only does it work for this Snow White inspired look but oh my it’s beautiful in it’s own right*coughcough it’s high waisted, always a winner*! If you go through to the Choies website, you’ll see at the bottom of the page they have some bloggers styling this skirt and holy wow I need this piece in my wardrobe! It’s an absolute steal right now at just under £13!
I’ve kept the head wear fairly subtle for this look, just because I want this to be more of an inspired look as appose to a costume, you feel me? This adorable little flower garland is from New Look and it’s only £3.99. Maybe flower garlands wont be as big this year as they have been in recent years, but none the less, i’ll still be donning them all summer long, as always, because who doesn’t want to feel like a fairy princess?! 
This super cute necklace is a little piece from etsy! I’m pretty much a collector of necklace’s and i’m so tempted to order this one for myself!  Not really a necessity for this look but it’s adorable, so why not?! You can order yourself one now for just over £16!
Okay, if this outfit wasn’t cute before, how unbelievably cute is it with these Modcloth shoes?! I’ve fallen in love(for the 237218378 time, I know, shh) and I just can’t quite believe how perfect they are?! They’re the perfect nude shade so they’ll suit the majority of my spring/summer wardrobe and they’re not that high(0.5 inch platform and 3 inch wedge) so they should be super comfy too! I was really stuck on what shoes to pair with this look but I think these just add such a lovely touch. 
I think red lips are a given for any Snow White inspired look, I chose one of Kate’s lipsticks because they’re cheap and pretty darn good! I believe the one above is shade #09 but i’m not 100% sure so don’t quote me on that. Although, #107 would work perfectly too! 
So there we have it, what do you think of my Snow White inspired look? I’d love to see if you’ve got any Disney inspired outfits? Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Elise Dopson says:

    This is so cute! I love the nail polish & lipstick 🙂 x

  2. Such an original post ! loving that snow white look.

    I am following you now 🙂

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