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Soap & Glory | Marvelips | As Good As Nude

Soap and Glory Marvelips As Good As NudeSoap and Glory Marvelips As Good As NudeSoap and Glory Marvelips As Good As Nude
I think i’m starting a little Soap & Glory lip product collection, wouldn’t you agree? I don’t know what got me hooked on them in the first place. To be honest, with my magpie like tendencies, it’s probably their packaging, isn’t it just perfect? That and boot’s 3 for 2 offers are always a winner. 

So as the packaging states, this lip crayon will make your “lips look full and fabulous.” I was quite intrigued by this product because it has a pretty big promise on it, something that i’m always keen on trying out is anything that will enhance the size of my lips. So off I went to the world wide web to do a little bit of research. 
So basically it’s got three little tricks, the first is sparkling pigments that apparently provide visual depth and shine, which totally makes sense on the science side of things as it’ll be reflecting light, right? It also contains a thing called “Maxi-Lip” which gives a 3D effect, firms, smooths, defines and moisturises. This little fella’s staring to hold a lot of promises! It’s also largely made up of Shea Butter which as i’m sure most of you know is pretty much the best form of natural moisturiser.
So I opened up the box and grabbed the pencil and began applying the coloured side of the pencil on and just around my lips. The colour is really lovely, not so nude that it’s unnoticeable but nude enough to not be too in your face. Think a deeper shade of Mac’s Velvet Teddy with a hint of bronze. I personally think that this colour suits my skin tone really well so purely based on the colour i’ve been reaching for this more often than not recently for day to day make up looks.
Next up, you apply the highlight gloss slide in the center of your top lip. It’s a lovely high sheen glossy highlight that really does catch the light beautifully, almost giving the effect of a large, more fuller(my terminology for these things is awful, please bare with me) looking top lip. Mostly what I noticed was the lovely glossy shine it has and for day time looks i’m much more of a fan of a high shine lip rather than a matte one!
As for staying power and feel, it doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry at all, but I guess that’s because of the Shea Butter. It’s staying power is pretty impressive for something so smooth, I guess because it’s not such a bold shade, you don’t notice as much once is starts to fade, does that make sense?..
I know i’ll be wearing this shade all through spring and probably in to summer as well, it’s pretty versatile and it seems to go with most make up looks, so it’s definitely a winner! 
Have you tried Soap & Glory’s Marvelips? What did you think? Let me know below!

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  1. Such a pretty shade – I need to try more soap and glory makeup x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. I haven't really seen anything on these before, but they definitely sound worth a try! x
    han // emandhan xo

  3. I love this product but have run out and can't seem to find it in stock anywhere 🙁 x

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