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10 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

10 things i'd tell my younger self

So, maybe you’re sick of seeing these posts around the blogosphere but I absolutely love them so I thought i’d write my own! I thought now would be a pretty good time for this kind of nostalgic blog post as, if you know me outside of the internet, you may know that next Thursday is my 21st birthday, oh my goodness me, twenty one! I can barely believe it! But let’s get down to it shall we!

1. Being “popular” is not a thing in the real world. Being likable and a decent human being, yes, but wishing you were the “it” girl really isn’t something to even being to stress over. Seriously, who even decided that there were such things as “popular kids” at school anyway?
2. Your first love will not be your last. Loving someone at any age always has it’s confusing points(at least for me anyway). Being heartbroken is a rubbish(read horrendous) feeling, but your first love will not always be your last love. Learning to love again is hard, but it’s do-able and totally worth it.
3. Don’t line under your eyes with liquid eyeliner in order to look like Hannah-Beth and Audrey Kitching, you won’t look like them, you’ll just look a mess.
4. Those things above your eyes? They’re eyebrows. Unless you’re really going to continue contemplating shaving them off, sort them out.
5. Appreciate free time more. Don’t sit in all weekend and every day after school lounging on the sofa watching crap tele and spending hours on Myspace joining “trains.” Make the most of your free time! In a few years you won’t have any spare time, to the point that you’ll be replying to emails at 2am on a Wednesday dreaming of the days that you had time to go to the supermarket without rushing through the isles so quickly that you forget the loo roll.
6. Don’t smoke that cigarette. DON’T do it.
7. Mum is the most amazing, strong, inspirational and savvy person on the planet, I promise you.
8. Topshop’s denim look jeggings are not worth the twenty odd quid and they look horrendous. I promise you, no matter how lush you think you look in them, you don’t.
9. Don’t cut your hair short, because you “want a change you’ll end up dying it black, looking like a 12 year old emo boy and buying extensions. 
10. Believe in yourself. Choosing to not finish your A Levels does not make you a failure and no one will judge you for it. In fact, by the time you’re twenty, you’ll be doing a Diploma in a subject that you’re absolutely in love with!
So there are 10 of the many, many things I could probably do with telling my younger self. What would you like to tell your younger self? Leave a comment below letting me know! I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. I would my younger self the same thing about being popular, I was so obsessed with wanting to be cool when I was younger!! x

  2. I think everyone was! It sucks that we probably spent a lot of our time getting our selves down about it! x

  3. Loved this! Thanks, Maisie!

  4. Glad you enjoyed it Katarina!

  5. So true on so many levels Maisie 🙂 my number 1 would be 'always be yourself' number 2 would be ' enjoy today and stop always wanting it to be tomorrow' number 3 would be 'follow your dreams because anything is possible despite what others may say' number 4 would be ' realising that the gift of giving is so much more fun than receiving' number 5 would be ' stop trying to make my curly hair straight lol' number 6 would be 'you do not need to be a boff in life, because life experience is underated and so priceless' number 7 would be 'don't rush to become a mummy! But when you do it is the best gift ever' 🙂 number 8 would be hang on to my first love 🙂 as you never know that 1 day you might just be lucky enough to be together once again' number 9 would be 'treasure times with your loved ones as it is the best thing in the whole world' 🙂 and number 10 would be ' enjoy your younger years because my god does the time fly past! ' 🙂 xx

  6. So true mumma!
    Love you xx

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