May Beauty Wishlist

It’s been a while since i’ve shared a beauty wishlist hasn’t it? I actually have no idea when I last wrote one up but it feels like a lifetime haha. I had loads of fun “decorating” this one this month, lots of flowers because why not. (If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that I kind of really like flowers..)

First up is of course, a nude/bronze eye shadow palette from a brand called Tory Burch. I’d not heard of this brand before but after having a quick mooch around their site I’ve fallen slightly in love(yet again). This palette consists of six flattering shades of warm bronzey/pinky tones. You can’t see in the photo above but if you click through to the Tory Burch site(not sponsored I swear haha), the packaging is beyond gorgeous. It’s like a little vintage novel cover, seriously go check it out! It comes in at about £39(It’s $60) so it’s not the cheapest of palettes but looks totally worth it.
Next up is a brand that I don’t think I mention as often as I should here on and that’s Too Faced! I’m still yet to own anything from them but for now i’m more than happy to lust over their entire line and write beautiful things about them. I’ve seen loads of people writing about the Beach Bunny Bronzer and to be honest, I think that i’d have a hard time adjusting from a matte bronzer to a shimmering one, just because i’m so incredibly pale. Do you feel me? None the less, i’m more than willing to give this product a go as it’s looks dreamy on so many other bloggers and i’m planning on working on my tan this year, boom! Coming in at £19, this is probably the highest priority on my wishlist this month! 
I’m pretty sure this m.a.c palette has been floating around instagram a lot lately and I subconsciously found myself scouring the m.a.c website for it. Over the autumn/winter season, I was loving the purple smokey eye look that a lot of people were rocking but sadly, it’s now spring/summer season but I am tempted to grab this up anyway and see if I can make it work through the warmer months? Maybe the lighter and more shimmery shades, what do you think? Roughly £26, not bad for 9 shades!
The next item is probably a shock to both me and you as a reader/if you know me irl. I was over at my friend Kim’s house the other week and I saw the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume on her dresser, so the curious cat in me grabbed it and went in for a sniff and to my surprise, it smells god damn amazing! The website describes the scent 100 times better than I could, but it’s a gorgeous fruity scent with delicate floral scents thrown in there too. I think this is a great summer scent and the bottle is kind of awesome, right?
I could honestly open up my very own make up bag shop because I already have way too many but how epic is this one? It’s so quirky I just love it! It’s £14.99 from a site called ikrush, which is pretty steep for a make up bag but it’s pretty bad ass so.. kind of worth it.
I hope you guys like eye shadow as much as I do? Haha. This adorably packaged palette consists of 3 neutral base shades and 6 bright and by the looks of it, highly pigmented shades. Some of the shades remind me of the Urban Decay Electric palette just more wearable. Don’t get me wrong, the Electric palette looks insanely beautiful but I think that this Too Faced palette would be a lot easier to work with on a daily basis. Grab it now for £26!
Another eye product but something a bit different. Over the last couple of months, I’ve heard really great things about Sisley. They’ve actually started to stock some of their products in Hotu in Gibraltar in case any of you lovelies are reading! This product is one of their Phyto-Eye Twists which is advertised as a jumbo liner but it’s basically a cream eye shadow crayon(think of the chubby sticks for your lips). I tried this shade(Topaz) out in store the other day and fell in love with it. The consistency of this product is dreamy. It’s so smooth and actually dries pretty quickly. Quite a pricey product, almost hitting the £25 online and £21 in stores, but from actually using it myself, I really want to get my hands on it now.
Last but not least is this gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in the shade Coachella Coral. I have a few coral shade lipsticks but they all seem to be fairly dark but this one seems to be a lovely, light but still bold coral that I reckon is a perfect summer shade! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad thing written on the blogosphere about Charlotte Tilbury products so i’m itching to give these lipsticks a go! Coming in at £23 I think i’ll have to do some saving before buying anything in this month’s wishlist!
So there we have it, my rather pricey May wishlist. What do you think? Have you tried any of these products yet? Are you lusting over anything this month? Let me know!