Quote of the Week | #56

Do small things with great love
I’ve always liked this little quote, it’s honestly very important to me and I really do think that I try to live by it as much as possible. 
I recently stumbled across these illustrations on Facebook and I fell in love with them! Seriously, take a look they’re adorable. I think it’s easy to forget the smalls things in life that we can do for others(and ourselves) that can really make someone feel, well, loved. For example, I’m not a morning person, I really wish I was but I’m really not, but the other morning I woke up super duper early and made Nolan a coffee and we had breakfast together and it was just.. lovely. I just decided I wanted to do something kind to start the day off with a really positive energy. I find that silly little things like that really make me fell warm and mushy inside, ya feel?
I am a very passionate person, in the sense that when I really set my mind to something or just really want to do something, I’ll put all of my time/effort in to it. I think this can be both a fantastic and sometimes a not so great trait to have, simply because, yes, it’s fantastic to devote yourself to something, especially when you’re doing something for somebody else, but, I honestly have no free time on my hands.. like, ever. I know I know, I can already here people groaning at their laptop screens, “oh you just wait until you have children,” yada yada. Yes, I totally get that, but right now, i’m involving myself in so much, between work, my blog and other projects, I sort of forget to stop, you know what I mean? As much as everything I do is very rewarding, I also find myself getting so incredibly tired that I end up putting myself in a bad mood. 
This post seems to be taking a little bit of a turn and getting a bit rambly, so we’ll just leave it at this for now. Have you done anything for someone today that made you both feel wonderful? Let me know below and remember, have a fantastic Monday!