The Black Maxi Dress | OOTD

Maxi Dress – New Look | Garland – Primark | Pumps – Peacocks | Sunnies – Peacocks | Choker – Little Witch

Outfit posts are probably my favourite blog posts to both create and read. Sadly, the lack of time I have and the lack of money left in my bank account each month after expenses are paid, are the two culprits of why you don’t see more of them on Love, Maisie, sigh.

I bought this dress in the New Look sale three years ago whilst making a fleeting trip to Staffordshire for Nolan’s graduation. This Monday was the first time I wore it. The main thing that kept me from wearing it is that I stupidly got a size up thinking that I would need the extra room when I really didn’t, so it’s a little big and secondly, have you seen the plunge?!
It probably sounds like I don’t like this dress, but I really do, it just took a lot of courage to actually wear it, three whole years Maisie, three, years! This is something really quite garish for me but now that I’ve worn it once I’ve discovered two things. Number one, I need to invest in some boob tape and number two, I must wear this dress with a pair of heels, some snazzy jewelry and a nice up do for some sort of party or event, don’t you think it’d be fab?
As for the accessories, the sunglasses are my staple pair for this summer, they only cost me £4 in Peacocks, erm bargain! The floral crown was another steal, if I remember correctly, I picked it up in January from Primark for a pound. It still baffles me how Primark can have sale’s on their already ridiculous prices. I’m not complaining mind! 
So what do you think of this maxi dress? Love it or leave it? Let me know below! I hope you’re having an awesome weekend so far and let me know if you’re up to anything wonderful over the next few days! Keep smiling!