August Wishlist

Hello you beautiful lot! So I thought i’d bring Love, Maisie back to life with a good ol’ wishlist post because they’re one of my favourite’s to both read and write, so here goes!

August Wishlist | Love, Maisie | Feat. Wildfox, New Look, Aeropostale, Nike and more

Jumper | Crop Top | Sunnies | Bag | Skinnies | Wedges | Watch | Trainers

First up, can we all please just take a moment to appreciate this Wildfox jumper. If there was a hangover club, i’d sadly probably be the highest ranking member haha! Of course, being wildfox it’s not the cheapest, online it’s around £95 which I doubt i’d ever actually spend on a jumper, but it is sassy as. They also have this cute sleep mask to match!

I’ve always found New Look great for basics but every now and then they do stock some really cute little pieces like this floral crop top. I usually go for baggy crop tops but this black, high neck, slim fit one is gorgeous! The model on the website is paired with the matching pencil skirt but I think it’d rock up really well with some high waisted denim shorts. Available online for just £12.99.
I recently destroyed my current favourite sunglasses by dropping the umpteen times, luckily they were only £4 from Peacocks but sadly they don’t seem to have them in store anymore. These watermelon pink sunnies are dreamy aren’t they? I would never dream of spending big bucks on sunglasses because clearly I don’t know how to take care of them. This Headliner pair are on sale at the moment for around £30 which I wouldn’t mind spending. Also available in tortoiseshell and black.
Everyone knows how much I love cats, sorry Erica, so it’s no surprise that there’s a kitty related item in this blog post. I can’t find it on the British site, only on the USA site for some reason which is rather annoying to say the least, but how adorable is this little bag? So if any of you are reading this from across the water and are feeling generous, give me a shout, yeah?
I’m in desperate need of a new pair of jeans. I currently have just two pairs which have both seen better days. I always have and always will love a good pair of ripped skinnies, especially black ones. I’m pretty sure every single shop on the high street will have a pair similar to this, but this pair in particular are the Lizzie jeans from Miss Selfridge(Anyone from Gib reading, do you remember rushing to Miss Selfridge after school on a Friday to lurk through the sale section to find something cute to wear haha) and will cost you £40.
I’m not usually one for wedges, I find regular heels a lot more comfortable and easier to walk in, but these babies from New Look are really cute for the summer! If my friend Kathy is reading I know she’ll be saying “oooo!” Not only are they adorable but they’re on sale for just a tenner, erm bargain! 
I find Aeropostale are always great for accessories. I love the chunky strap paired with the dainty floral face and gold detail of this watch. Hell, I love the entirety of it and it’s only £13. Certainly has more of a summer feel to it but do people really buy watches seasonally anyway?!   
Last but not least are these gorgeous Nike Free 5.0 trainers. Just look at them! Honestly, i’ve no idea how brilliant or not they are for your feet but they’re so beautiful! The colour is light aqua with green glow in the dark accents. If you’re going to get hot and sweaty running, why not do it whilst wearing great shoes? They’ll cost you around £70. I’ve no idea if that’s a good price for decent running shoes or not, so someone will have to let me know!
So there we have it, this month’s wishlist! What have you got your eye on at the moment? Are you loving any of my picks? Let me know!