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Feather & Bone | Face Gems Face Wash

Another skin care post for y’all today! A fair while ago now, the lovely team over at Feather & Bone got in contact with me about sending over some of their face wash gems for me to try out! I hadn’t heard about this brand before and I love discovering new brands so its safe to say that I was very excited! 
Whilst waiting for my little package to arrive, I had a good read through their website and I became so excited to try these little face gems out! Basically, Feather & Bone’s face gems are little tablets that are actually a face wash! What?! Let me explain.
These little face gems are are a face wash, exfoliator and moisturiser, all in one and are made from just 3 ingredients. Sandalwood, fullers earth and starch, making it 100% natural. The Sandalwood acts as the cleanser, it’s also an antiseptic agent, removes dirt from pores, relaxes the skin and give a natural glow. The fullers earth acts as the exfoliator but also improves blood circulation, removes black and white heads, tones and gives the skin natural oils. The final ingredient, starch actually has moisturising properties that apparently work for both dry and oily complexions, relives itchyness and keeps skin feeling fresh!
Time to put them to the test! They’re super easy (and super fun) to use. You simply crack out one tablets (one tablet = one wash) from it’s packaging, pop it in the palm of your hand and add 5-10 drops of water to it until it forms a sort of paste consistency. It sort of feels like clay. Then simply gently massage all over the face and then rinse away! It doesn’t have much of a scent before adding the water but once the water is added to it it has a really fresh scent to it. I really can’t think of a another way to describe it, sorry guys, you know I suck with scents and adjectives haha!
As for how it feels afterwards, my skin does feel really lovely to the touch and really fresh! I’m a big fan of natural cosmetics and I can already see myself ordering the 30 day(6o tablets) box! As these face gems come in individual little pouches, I think they’d be super great for travelling and festivals, to save having to take a massive bottle of face wash with you in your hand luggage and inevitably having it taken away at customs, I know we’ve all been there.
On a whole, I really rate this product. It’s 100% natural, meaning you’re not putting any nasty and unnecessary chemicals on your face, it feels lovely, smells super fresh and it’s super convenient if you’re travelling! As you know, I have a fairly oily complexion and I find that this face wash works really well with my skin!
Have you tried the Feather & Bone face gems face wash yet? What did you think? Or had you not heard of them before and now you’re thinking about making a cheeky purchase? Let me know! Don’t forget to have a great day, Happy Monday!
Check out Feather & Bone’s website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more info!
*Item c/o Feather & Bone. Although this item was sent to me for review, this does not effect my views and opinions as I will always give my honest opinion on a product.

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  1. Never tried it but it does sound good! I'm all about natural products so these seem perfect! Also, it sounds fun ahha x


  2. I highly recommend it! Yeah it is kinda fun crushing it and mixing it with the water haha! x

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