20 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Greatest Season Ever!

It’s really no secret that autumn is my favourite season, so for today’s blog post, I thought i’d share 20 reasons why this is the greatest season of them all! 

1. The good ol’ cliche sound of leaves crunching under your feet. Something about this sound is so nostalgic for me and I absolutely love it. This will be my first autumn back in England for a good few years now and I’m already far too excited every time I see a tree beginning to change!
2. Hot beverages. From hot chocolate to hot frothy coffee’s, there’s nothing better on a chilly, blustry day to warm yourself is there?! Also, as it’s colder outside, it means more time sat in coffee shop window’s, people watching, which is one of my all time favourite past times. 
3. Baths. I’m a bath lover, although fun fact; I used to hate baths, boom, and as autumn comes around, so do more baths and so do seasonal bath and body products which excites me to no end, did someone say snow fairy? I know that’s a Christmas product but shh it’s out already!

4. You can eat hot soup without sweating your tits off. Soup is probably my favourite comfort food at the moment, there’s not much a hearty soup can’t sort! At the weekend I made a scrumptious carrot and coriander soup, you can find the recipe over on my Instagram, cheeky little plug, no shame
5. HALLOWEEN! Surprise surprise, she’s an avid lover of all things Halloween! That’s right folks, Halloween is the bee’s knee’s and if anyone tell’s you they don’t agree they’re either a, lying or b, boring, sorry i’m not sorry. So with Halloween on the horizon, that means…
6. Pumpkin carving! If you’ve not tried your hand at it before, I highly suggest that this year be your first! Although, the small of fresh, raw pumpkin can be unpleasant, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
7. Bonfire night! There’s nothing I dislike about the 5th of November. You’ve got the sparklers, pretty much all the hot beverages, cheap junk food, the cosiest get up and of course the bonfire! I’ve not had a proper bonfire night in years as it’s not as big of a deal in Gibraltar, so this year i’m making a point of going all out! 
8. Autumnal colours. In nature and in fashion, the burnt oranges and deep reds, some of my favourite colours come around this time of year and it’s ever so pleasing! 
9. Starbucks have really awesome coffee cups. I’m personally more of a Costa coffee kinda girl myself but man, are Starbucks’s cups adorable this year! I’m sure you’ve seen them on everyone else’s Instagram but just in case, here’s my insta take on them!  
10. Cinnamon. Cinnamon everything, everywhere. Chai tea latte’s, cinnamon scented candles bigger than my head, car air freshers, the lot. You name it, if it smells of cinnamon i’ll probably buy it. 
11 Dew covered cobwebs make great arty Instagram photos, right?!
12. You don’t have to feel bad about staying indoors and/or in bed for long periods of time as the weather can be pretty harsh outside. Even if it’s sunny, it’s still cold, so that’s a really great excuse to write the day off and spend it having an AHS binge, right?
13. Then on the other hand, there’s just something about walks through fields/parks in autumn that’s so romantic. Preferably early in the morning when you get that fog hovering at the bottom of the road. Do I sound 100% nuts yet? 
14. Fluffy dressing gowns, blankets and slippers. Basically everything big, warm and cosy.
15. Ye old faithful boots (probably Chelsea) start making their appearance again. Sure, boots look cute with play suits in the summer but then your feet get all hot and sweaty and then you’ll probably end up with a fungal infection and they’re really not that nice, trust me. In turn, this means goodbye sandals and open toed shoes, which IN TURN means you basically don’t have to paint your toe nail’s again until like.. March
16. No-Shave-November or Mo-Vember comes around, which means beards, beards everywhere, hola. Plus, it’s all in aid of a great cause so it’s a win win for everyone
17. Apple’s and sweet potato’s are in season and they’re both lush, so winning.
18. Oh, I can now wear Elizabeth Arden’s Ultra Violet on a pretty much everyday basis and it won’t look odd. Praise the heavens.   
19. Christmas is well and truly on it’s way! You can’t escape it, it’ll soon be everywhere, in fact I’ve already seen the Christmas cards on the high street, eeeeeep! I can almost taste the mulled wine! 
20. Overall, everything is just better in autumn. Everything looks, feels, tastes and smells better. I love autumn!
So there’s my 20 reasons why autumn is the greatest season ever, what’s your favourite thing about this season? Let me know!