A Very Autumnal September Wishlist

Hello internet! Can you tell that i’m buzzing for a/w yet? Coats, beanie’s and deep berry shades, did someone say Autumn? As i’m writing this, i’m currently in a tee and shorts and still sweating beyond belief, I am so ready for the next season, come at me!

First up, let’s talk coats. I love coats, to the point that two winter’s ago, I spent nearly £100 on one, which is something I never thought I would do, hashtag still in love with it. This trench coat/blazer isn’t really one for actually keeping your warm but it does look dreamy! It’s actually in two pieces, you can click through to the site to see it in better detail, but I reckon i’d keep the two pieces together at all times. It’s from a website called ChicWish.com that I hadn’t heard of until today but it’s full of really great pieces! This coat will only set you back £33 and i’m pretty sure the site ships worldwide!
Beanie’s? Beanie’s. Basically I just want to hide under a beanie all winter because a, warmth and b, they’re cute, right?
I remember the first time my mum took me to M&Co in Tewkesbury and I was like, oh my dear lord, why are we here, but over the years they’ve had some pretty lush pieces. I just found this handbag on there and I’m really tempted to try and get it, I don’t think they ship outside of the UK though, and it’s all justified because my favourite handbag broke and i’m still kinda sad about it. This bag is available now for £32.
I’ve been all about necklaces this summer and this one is just so dainty, I love it! I have a similar one with a circle that I picked up in Primark earlier this year, for just a pound might I add, but this triangle one is just super cute and I really don’t know why! It’s available online for just under £19.
This next item isn’t really “me” BUT i’m all for trying out new things so these bad boys might just have to slip and fall into the basket. I’m still trying to figure out what i’d wear these fringed heels with, if anyone has any suggestions, they’d be greatly appreciated. Grab them for yourself now, available online for £44.99.
Next up is my favourite item in today’s post, these gorgeous boots, oh MY! Are they not amazing?! You can pair them with pretty much anything whether it be tights and a little smock dress or a shirt and a pair of jeans, they’ll look great with both. My wardrobe consists of mainly black so I could probably get away with wearing these boots on a day to day basis, winning. Grab them now from New Look for just £24.99!
Last but not least is this perfectly autumnal berry shade lipstick by Bite Beauty. The shade is appropriately named Frozen Berries and I’m dying to get my hands on it. It’s a matte lipstick which i’m still not 100% sure look right on me or not but I don’t think I care about the consistency and finish all that much because the colour is drop dead gorgeous! The link I’ve used is to Sephora but i’m sure there are other stores that stock this brand, but please forgive me if i’m wrong! It’s actually free from paraben’s and sulphate’s too which is a bonus!
So there are some cheeky little wishlist items for this month! What are you lusting over this month? Are you excited for autumn? Or are you wishing summer would last a little longer? Let me know!