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There are so many great, affordable brands out there, both on the high street and online, so I thought i’d start a little series of posts called Hot Right Now, I’ll be choosing my current favourite’s items from my current favourite stores! Let’s get started shall we!
Seeing as the first official day of Autumn was a couple of days ago and it’s also my favourite season, all of today’s picks are super autumnal, much like my last style post!
Scarves. We’ll all be digging them out sooner or later. I did have a brief look at my little collection a little while back and it’s in desperate need of some new pieces! I’m not usually one for yellow but as I mentioned a couple of weeks back, I’ve really been liking the look of deep yellow’s and mustard this season. On the New Look website this chunky, checked scarf is described as lime, I’m not quite sure I can agree with that, oops? Available online now for £14.99.
As we’ve been making the transition into autumn, I’ve been seeing camel trench’s everywhere! This one’s a pretty good bargain at just £39.99, in comparison to some high end brands. I think these little jacket’s will be making an appearance in many people’s autumn wardrobe’s this year, don’t you?
I love a good checkered shirt, I almost picked one in up in Topshop a few weeks back but managed to resit the temptation. They’ve been around forever and they always make a great staple. This one from New Look is currently available online for £22.99.
Let’s get a bit sexy shall we? This burgundy bodycon dress is not only gorgeous in colour and style, but it’s also a FIFTEEN in one multi way! You read that right, 15, boom, for £27.99 that’s not bad at all is it?! This piece will take you into the festive party season too! Pair it with a little black cardi or even an over sized cape and a pair of sparkly stilettos and you’re set!
Speaking of cardigan’s, check out this over sized Aztec printed waterfall one. This lose fitting cardigan looks like it’d be super comfy for the colder months, throw it on over a seemingly plain outfit to spruce it up a little! Grab it online now for £30.
How adorable are these t-bar pumps?! Maybe not 100% autumn/winter appropriate but cute as hell. £15.99 and they’re yours!
Chelsea boots are always a winner, aren’t they? I’m yet to purchase a brown pair but I think these might have to just slip and fall into my basket and straight onto my feet. Chelsea boots go with pretty much everything in my autumn wardrobe so they’re certainly another staple that I need to get my paws on. This pair are currently available online for £24.99.
Last but not least are two super duper adorable accessories. This Fairytale coin purse and this pink skinny strap watch. I love anything remotely princess/fairytale themed and as much as I really don’t need this purse, nor do I know what I’d even use it for as I’ve never used a coin purse, I still want it! And as much as i’d love a Michael Kors watch, the price tag on those babies is considerably higher than a high street purchase. This dinky little thing will only set you back £12.99!
So there we have it! Which of my current top New Look picks are you lusting over? Let me know below!

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  1. Gorgeous picks 🙂 I want everything!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  2. Thank you sweetness! Haha it's so tempting to just buy it all in one go! x

  3. I agree with you on the watches! Yes I'd kill for a designer, but honestly the New Look ones are so similar with a much more pleasant price tag!!! One day, maybe I'll have a Michael Kors watch. Here's to hoping anyway haha!

    Eden x / edenroses

  4. I'll probably always go for the more pocket friendly price tag haha!
    We can dream!! x

  5. Isn't it just! x

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