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October Wishlist | Basics

I can’t believe it’s already almost halfway through the month, it’s flying by! Although, I don’t really mind all that much as it just means that we’re closer to Halloween, woo! Let’s get straight into this shall we.

First up is this shirt dress, that i’m pretty sure my friend Kim has, from H&M. I love khaki green for autumn, hence my ever growing love for parka’s, and I think this piece is something really easy to wear but looks a little fancy, do you know what I mean? Throw it on over some black leggings and pumps or boots and you’re good to go! Grab it online now for just £19.99. Also available in black and dark blue.
I’ve spoken a lot about my feelings towards yellow and mustard this year and this coat has just added to my love for the latter. Isn’t it the most gorgeous shade you’ve ever seen!? I’m still not sure just how well, or not, this colour would suit me but if I find myself with a bit of extra cash at the end of the month, I think I might just have to make a cheeky Romwe order. I think i’d definitely size up for an extra boxy/boyfriend kinda fit. Currently in the sale at just £26.45, grab it right here!
You can never have too many bags, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Especially little canvas tote bags, plus they’re extra handy now with that pesky 5p per bag law! Who doesn’t love an adventure? This super cute bag by Olivia and Frank is available online now for just £10.
I’m still on the hunt for my perfect pair of boots for this season and I keep thinking I’ve almost found them.. until I somehow manage to find an even better pair! These H&M ankle boots have an 8.5cm heel on them and they’re dark brown as apposed to being black. I think brown boots can make an outfit look a little more classy, don’t you? Grab these online now for £24.99.
Last but not least is this very time of year appropriate sweatshirt. Isn’t Halloween Town one of the greatest films of all time? It’s been a good couple of years since I’ve seen it but I might dust the cobwebs off the case and give it a watch sometime this week, who’s coming? I’m all for being cosy and when you can be awesome and cosy at the same time, you’re a winner! This sweatshirt is available from a little store on Etsy called The One Stop Shirt Short Stop for just £19.20!
So there are the things on my basics October wishlist! What are you loving this month? Let me know!

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