Sunday Style Board | #43

Another super casual look this week. Also, before anyone thinks i’m nuts or living in Oz, I’m fully aware that there isn’t a jumper or a coat in this look.. Let’s just hope for a nice sunny autumn day..?! Also, there’s accidentally a lot of H&M in this post, hashtag not obsessed.

I’ve been wearing a lot of fairly plain and slouchy tee’s at the moment. Sure, they’re super duper casual but they’re easy to wear and you can easily make them look a bit more.. fancy. I’m not usually a fan of anything with a high neck but this top from H&M is a wide fit and it doesn’t look like it’d be choking me for 8 hours. Grab it online for £14.99.

My mum’s been sporting white jeans on the regular for the last couple of months now and i’m really loving it, even for a/w! This pair from H&M in particular are ankle grazers which I’ve spoken about recently, still not 100% sure if I just like them or absolutely love them, with rips at the knee, of course. I think they’d look really smart with these (also) H&M boots, which I know, I already blogged about this week but aren’t they lush?! Both products are available in store and online for £25 each.

I hated snood’s when they first came out a couple of years ago, I can’t really tell you why, I just really didn’t like them! Alas, they grew on me and now I’m picking them up every time I go into Primark! This deep red snood is from New Look and is available online for £6.99. It’s the perfect accessory to add an easy pop of colour to your outfit!

Another style board, another canvas tote, but how perfect is the lettering?! I’m a proper coffee addict and I really don’t know how i’d get about my day without having that glorious morning cuppa! Available online now from Shopbop for £21. You should deffo check out their site for all their other canvas bags too, you won’t regret it! Not the cheapest, but definitely the most awesome.

I’m in desperate need of a new watch. Nower days there is so much choice out there, it becomes really hard to choose just one! I love the simplicity of this one, black and gold are always a great combo and it’ll go with absolutely anything! Available online now for around £9.50.

So what do you think of this look? Would you rock it? Let me know! I hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the new week ahead! ♡