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#TOMSUnplugged | TOMS Community Outpost, London

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win ticket’s to attend TOMS UK‘s first ever #TOMSUnplugged event on Friday the 9th, to see one of my all time favourites, Mallory Knox who were supported by Nations, at their TOMS Community Outpost at Foubert’s Place in Carnaby Street, London!

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, TOMS are an ethical footwear brand that, through the sales of their products, help people in need. TOMS help to provide shoes, sight, water and safe birth services to those in need. If you would like to know more about exactly how TOMS helps those in need, you can read all about it right here over on their website.
The TOMS store in London is a community outpost, meaning it’s a hybrid between a retail and a community space. Equipped with it’s own cafe bar that serve TOMS roasting co. coffee, I tried it, it’s gorgeous, go grab yourself a cup, it makes this adorably decorated, teeny two story store, a perfect venue for intimate gigs.. and what a perfectly intimate gig it was!
I’m going to have a guess and say that there were around 100 people that attended the event and luckily, we all managed to fit inside pretty comfortably. First up to perform were a band called Nations, which in all honesty, I hadn’t heard of before but they were pretty darn good! I must make a note to self to find them on spotify. They performed a short acoustic set to warm us up for the boys themselves, Mallory Knox!
I was lucky enough to see Mallory Knox perform at Download Festival this year and since then, it’s been safe to say that they’ve been a firm favourite of mine. If you’ve not heard of Mallory Knox before, I highly suggest that you go and listen to both of their albums but the songs, Glimmer, She took him to the lake, Wake up, Lighthouse and Shout at the moon in particular. I was feeling a little uncomfortable on the day so Jack and I decided to stay towards the back of the store, which worked out pretty well for us, as when Mallory Knox arrived, they walked right past us! Queue fan girl moment when Mikey (The lead singer from Mallory Knox) says “hey guys,” Jesus, he’s adorable.. Moving on..
The boys were on the last leg of their UK tour and were actually performing their final show that night at the Roundhouse! They gave us a beautiful, intimate acoustic performance which was basically one giant sing-a-long and it couldn’t have been more perfect!
Story time. TOMS were using the upstairs part of their store as the sort of backstage area, but well, tmi, I really needed to go for a wee. So of course, me being me, I just asked the barista if I could please use their loo. I had to be “escorted” upstairs which was a little embarrassing but I did feel pretty boss getting to go underneath the barrier and up the stairs. Just my luck, busting for a wee and there was someone in there already. A couple of minutes passed before Dave (the drummer for Mallory Knox) came out of the toilet. Queue fan girl moment #2. I won’t tell you the rest of the story but you can take guesses if you like! There’s never a strong enough air freshener to cover up the scent of a man dumps is there? Dave, if by any chance you’re reading this and it wasn’t you, then i’m sorry. You’ll just have to write a blog post and tell the world it was the chappy before ya, haha!
Mallory Knox were actually also hosting a meet and greet for everyone that attended the event, but unfortunately, I became too uncomfortable and had to leave the venue. Despite that, I had a brilliant time! It was amazing to see Mallory Knox in such a small venue and intimate atmosphere as appose to seeing them in the middle of a field, in the rain, drinking crap coffee, whilst humongous DHL planes fly overhead. Don’t get me wrong, Download was amazing, just sayin’!
This was the first #TOMSUnplugged gig but I’m certain that it won’t be their last! Have you been to any gigs recently, or have any lined up? Let me know and remember, have a great day ♡


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PS: Don’t forget to check out the entire TOMS range, that’s shoes, bags and eye wear, over on their website!

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