Bluffer’s Guide’s | The Perfect Stocking Filler

Stocking fillers don’t need to be boring or repetitive, especially in this day and age! There are so many fantastic gift ideas that will literally suit everyone! I was lucky enough to receive these two little pocket books from a company called Bluffer’s and I’m being 110% honest when I say that I’m so glad to be able to share this post with you all!

Whether it’s an extra little something for a friend or a gift for that one person that you really don’t know what to get, I highly suggest you check out these Bluffer’s guides!
Any sperm making the distance is a hero of Herculean proportions, which makes every one of us heroes in our own right, and might be remembered in moments of despondency and low self-esteem.
The first of the two guide’s is The Bluffer’s Guide to Sex. Sex is everywhere, literally, and it always has been! You can’t escape it, it’s plastered all over the papers, who’s sleeping with who yada yada and it even sell’s cars, perfume and i’m pretty sure I’ve seen sex selling a box of tissues maybe I’ve made that bit up but it wouldn’t surprise me at all. This little pocket book has sold over 5 million copies! Written both hilariously and informatively by Rebecca Newman, there were snippets of this book that had me in absolute stitches right from the very beginning. I’ve definitely stored a fair amount of both knowledge and conversation starters from reading this and I bet even my Nana would have a good giggle with it!
We’ve all brought a bottle home from our holiday only to find that it just doesn’t taste the same on a wet Wednesday in Cricklewood as it did outside a taverna with the Aegean licking our toes. Gone is the lemon and pine freshness, replaced by the aroma of pine-scented Toilet Duck – proving that most cheap holiday wines taste better in situ.
Next up, The Bluffer’s Guide to Wine! If you didn’t already know, I’ll never turn down a glass, or five, of wine. I’m no expert on the stuff and I’ve even been known to put lemonade in the real expensive ones, oops, but I do feel as though I’ve learnt a thing or two now that I’ve read through this Bluffer’s guide and have had a good few giggles too! The perfect gift for the in laws or someone who thinks they know all there is to know about the grape juice of grown up’s, providing they have a decent sense of humor that is!
There are many more Bluffer’s Guide’s available including; Cats, Chocolate, University and Rugby to name a few. I’ve already got my eye on a couple for Christmas gifts that I’m actually going to order today BECAUSE, Bluffer’s are having a black Friday sale! Everything on their site will be at 50% off THIS WEEKEND(From Friday, November 27th to and including Monday, November 30th). That’s right, you could buy both of these guide’s for the price of one, but hurry, this offer ends Monday! 

So there’s my two pence, have you read any of these guide’s before? Did you enjoy them as much as I did? Will you be making a bargain purchase today? Let me know!

*Disclaimer: Although these items were gifted to me by the above company, all opinions on the product are 100% honest and of my own and are not representative of the company. I would never give a false/misleading review of a product, no matter what relationship I have with the company.