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I feel like there’s a lot going on or has happened in my life recently and I thought it’d be an idea to write a bit of a rambly, sorry not sorry, post about it all because after all, I started blogging many moons ago because of my love for writing and sharing stories.

As most of you are probably aware, back in September, I moved back to England and for those of you who didn’t know, I was living in Gibraltar. I’m currently living back at home with my family, which is strange but lovely all the same! I won’t bore you with all the details but moving house is stressful but moving country is well, both heart-wrenching and unbelievably exhausting.

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Job Hunting
Obviously, moving country meant that I had to leave my job as a store manager and look for work here in the UK and let me tell you, it has been hard, really hard. I’ve worked full time since I was 17, so when every job that you see advertised that you think might be suitable for you is just to cover someone for 12 hours a week, it’s a little disheartening, especially when you’ve spent a fair amount of hours each week for a month or so, scrolling and scrolling through jobsite upon jobsite and not finding a damn thing.

Also, what’s with people not getting back to applicants? Not even to say thank you but no thank you? Is that not just polite job vacancy etiquette? After searching strictly “retail store manager” I decided that I needed to give in and start looking at all the other options available to me. I’ve actually lost count on how many jobs I’ve applied for these past few months, dental practice receptionist(I hate the dentist), parcel sorter, insurance claims assistant and so on, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who didn’t even acknowledge my application. I’m not saying that I’m bloody amazing and need to be acknowledged for sending and email and filling out a three page form, but it would be nice to know if they at least received it, no? I know, I know, some companies have hundreds of applicants and can’t possibly reply to everyone, but I live in a small town and have applied to many small, independent businesses, who can’t have possibly had more than ten applicants. Mini rant over, for now.

Luckily, I’ve now managed to land myself some front of house work at a little(read massive and insanely busy) pub/restaurant around 10 miles away from where I’m living.. which brings me onto my next point.

Driving, or rather, not driving

Another thing that I’ve found challenging is the lack of a drivers license. If you’re reading this and you’re around the 17 years old mark and you’re wondering what you can ask for for your birthday or Christmas present or what you can save up towards, then I strongly urge you to invest in some driving lessons/a cheap first time car. Sure, if you’re London based or somewhere where you’ve a fairly decent transport system that’s mostly reliable, you’re better off using that than driving, but if you’re living anywhere else, I’m south west midlands, pretty much the middle of nowhere, and you’re 15 miles away from a train station with a ticket machine and there’s only one bus service that passes through your area, then you’re pretty much screwed. For work, I’m currently reliant on my mum being available to give me a lift and snatching up lifts on the way home with my new colleagues, which so far, so good, but it’d be nice to not have to rely on others every single day.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve had some really good blogging weeks, throwing out content like there’s no tomorrow and then I’ve had week’s where I’ve not even sent a single tweet, let alone written a blog post. I love writing and on a whole, I love my little space on the internet, but believe me, in the last couple of months I’ve certainly considered saying goodbye to blogging. I don’t think I can really give you a solid reason as to why, but often I fall into massive holes of lack of creativity and enthusiasm and I’m also my own worst critic and the two don’t really bout well together.

I know the key to constant readership is consistency, but right now, i’m sitting in my dressing gown, i haven’t posted a blog post in a good couple of days, i’m typing up this essay length moan and you know what, I love it. I love being able to write whatever I want, whenever I want. I put far too much pressure on myself for something that I do as a hobby out of choice. Don’t get me wrong, I adore blogging and the blogging community, I just often feel deflated, am I making sense?

New Projects

If you have me on Facebook, you’ll have noticed that back in September I started talking about a “secret project” that I was working on and wanted to share with the world at the beginning of October… I’m still working on it but it does look like it’ll be something that will be brought more into light in the new year, just because it’s something that is a, very time consuming and b, i’m not very good at it..

On a slightly more positive note, another project that I’ve recently taken on is prints on my Etsy store! I’m really enjoy getting to use my creativity in a more physical form again! For those of you who are interested, you can click here to visit my new etsy store. There’s a severe lack of items on there at the moment, I’m just waiting on some frames for some different sized prints that I’ve been working on. Spoiler alert, there’s a super cute Fall Out Boy one that I made this past weekend and I’m super excited to list!

So tell me, what’s been going on in your life lately? I’m as good at being nosey as I am at ranting, so let me know! I hope everyone’s having a great week so far!

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  1. I totally agree Maisie, employers in this country don't seem to have the manners that you would expect which is so frustrating to say the least, you have worked so hard and believe me you will make it so big in the time to come, you have so many talents that would probably be wasted on these rude people anyway that don't reply to you…. hey its their loss, aim high sweetie as there where you will get, you can count on that for sure 🙂 love you xxxx

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