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Fairy Dust | Lily-Flame | Candle Review

Love, Maisie blog. Fairy Dust candle review

I was really spoilt this Christmas, I received so many lovely gifts from everyone it’s almost overwhelming! One of the gifts that I’m enjoying the most is this Fairy Dust Lily Flame candle from Jack. Yes, I love pretty much all of the “typical blogger cliche’s”, candle’s probably being highest on the list.

Lily Flame was founded by Jo Nicholls who turned her passionate hobby of candle making in her kitchen, into a thriving nationwide business! These lovely candles are handmade in Somerset and Lily-Flame are supposedly the industry standard leaders who invented the “candle tin!

I was so eager to light this little pot of joy that I forgot to photograph it before I lit it, oops! If you ask me and my awfully short bank of scent adjective’s, to me, the Fairy Dust(£8.95) candle smells like a beautiful combination of freshly washed sheets and parma violets! 
On the Lily Flame website, the scent is described as difficult to describe but with it’s fine fragrance it’s powdery, warm, sparkly and magical! What a beaut of a description that is, right?! Apparently, this candle is their most popular and I can totally see why! I think this candle makes a perfect gift for anyone, as the scent isn’t too sweet and it’s so delicate and refreshing, yet it really does fill the room! My mum and my little brother even asked what i’d be burning in my room the other evening! 
I’ve had this candle lit a couple of evening’s in a row now and it doesn’t seem to have gone down much at all! Apparently, it should burn for 30-35 hours which is a pretty decent time for a candle that’s on the smaller size! It’s also recommended that you burn the candle for around 3 hours at a time. Also, how cute is the pink and silver watercolour packaging?! 
There are so many different and scrumy sounding scents over on the Lily Flame website including Bluebell Forest, Wild Jasmine, Mango Fandango and Lavender and Lime! They also create gorgeous looking glass jar candles, room sprays and diffusers! 
I’m super pleased with this little tin of magically scented goodness! Thank you very much Mr.Jack! Have you tried any of the Lily Flame candles? I certainly can’t wait to get my hands on some more! 

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  1. This candle looks lovely! I need!

    Darriyan x

  2. It's gorgeous! You do indeed! x

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