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14 Things We All Think When We Have The Flu

As I type this post up, I am full of cold(dare I say full blown flu), tucked up into my bed with multiple layers on, including the chaviest nike hoodie ever, and sipping on the world’s worst tasting lemsip, vom. I know it’s not just me that has these strange and seemingly mad thought processes when I’m poorly, so in true Maisie fashion, I thought i’d write a little blog post about it!

14 Things We All Think When We Have The Flu | Love, Maisie

1. Am I dying or do I just have the flu? *Googles symptoms* definitely dying.

2. Maybe now is a good time to start religiously taking my daily vitamins.

3. Why does this lemsip taste like warm, sugary, liquid hell? Wait, how many of these do I have to drink today?

4. How many consecutive days can I avoid washing my hair?

5. Can you drown your inside’s in orange juice? Not from concentrate, obvs.

6. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some blog post writing! *Opens laptop* nope, back to bed.

7. Am I hot? Just warm? Cold? Freezing? Do I have a fever? Oh god, am I going to walk outside into the cold weather and have my thermostat fail on me and end up removing all my clothes in fear that I’m too hot but then actually freeze to death?

8. Why am I crying? Why does my entire body ache?

9. I want my mum. I need my mum.

10. Does my skin always look this gross?

11. How many hours of Hazel Hayes videos can I watch in 12 hours whilst I’m curled up in bed feeling sorry for myself? 12, duh.

12. Maybe I should have a bath. What if I get stuck in it and have to wait until someone comes home so that they can rescue me?!

13. But seriously.. am I dying?

14. I’m sick, do I really need to get dressed into real clothes and put makeup on, just to pop to the shops for more orange juice and lemsips? Probably.. don’t want to terrify the staff in the Co-op.

For me, it’s currently Wednesday evening and this post goes live on Friday, so hopefully I’m feeling better by then! If i’m not, i’m sure you’ll hear about it on my Twitter(cheeky plug, hey hey). Do you struggle to think rationally when you’re poorly? Let me know!

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  1. I hope you're feeling better today! The list is amazing, so accurate, especially number 1 haha. I always google my symptoms and regret it every single time!

  2. So true. I have been suffering all week too. I am lying there thinking I will never ever recover or be the same ever again (but I will…won't I?)

  3. Chuckled my way through reading this lol. I hate the hot and cold fits I get when I've got a fever. One minute you want to be wrapped up in a furry blanket and in the next wanting to take a bath filled up with ice cubes! x

  4. Thank you! I'm still rather poorly but feeling a lot better than I did, that's for sure! Haha, glad you liked it! x

  5. Oh no! I hope you're feeling better now! xx

  6. Haha! Glad you had a giggle! x

  7. You made me laugh so hard ! Discovered your blog thanks to this lovely post ! <3
    I currently have the flu and it just feels like you read my thoughts !

  8. I'm super happy this made you laugh! I hope you're feeling better now lovely!! xxx

  9. Hahaha yep you always need your mamma 🙂 xxx

  10. this is so true. also totally how you feel when you are on strong anitbiotics


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