Quote of the Week | #65

“Throw kindness around like confetti” *Img src
Everyone is dealing with something. Sometimes, you can see on the outside what it is that person is dealing with or carrying with them, but more often than not, you can’t. It really is the little things; like your boyfriend bringing you coffee in bed at the dreaded hour that is 6.30am or a stranger shouting out to you in the street to tell you that they like your hat.
Being kind is so easy and essentially a simple act. However, your act of kindness could really brighten up someone’s darkest of days. I’ve put together a little list of kind things below, infact, there’s seven things on this list, so maybe you could try and do one for each day of this week? See, easy!
Smile at the person you sit opposite on the train on your way to work.
Buy the person behind you their morning coffee order.
Send a bouquet of flowers to your mum.
Compliment the new staff member at work on how great they’re doing.
Text/Call your grandparents and just ask them how their day is going.
Spotted that empty coffee cup on the floor next to the bin? Go ahead and pop it into the bin.
Write a little positive message and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find.
What was the last little kind thing that you did for someone? Or the last time someone did something kind to you? Do you ever carry out little random acts of kindness? Let me know and remember, keep smiling ♡
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