Sometimes I Get A Little Sad

Thank you to my beautiful bestie Jade for this shot, check out her Instagram here
Hello internet, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Boy how many blog posts over the last couple of years have started like that? IN FACT, this past Thursday marked 3 YEARS since I started this little blog, can you believe that? Three years, holy wow.
Last Sunday, I had an awful day. If i’m being honest, awful is the biggest understatement of 2016 so far. I’m going to say that at least 50% of it was due to those dreaded hormones. Then, the other 50% was sort of made up of me just not feeling.. well, me. It happens from time to time, yknow? Sometimes it last for a couple of hours, but other times, it lasts for weeks.
I spent around seven hours that day in a bubble of crying, laying in bed motionless, contemplating every thought and action I’ve ever had in (almost) 22 years of living and trying to verbally express what was going on in my head.
One of the things that I ended up talking about was the fact that I didn’t feel talented in any way, shape or form. Really, I still don’t think I have any sort of talent that’s worth talking about in either a negative or positive way. But since that glorious day, I thought to myself, you don’t have to be amazingly amazing at something to enjoy doing it. I’m not the best writer or the best photographer and i’m certainly not the best content creator, but you know what, I love doing all of those things! It might sound crazy, but I love learning new things each and every time I put out a blog post and I love putting myself and my personality into all the little things that I do.
Life can be tough at the best of times, but you’ve just got to push through the storm. This was a bit of a random post, I know, but I just felt like addressing whatever this is a little. I hope you’re all well and March is treating you amazingly so far! Here’s to a more positive outlook on, well, everything!
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