Vlogging Shenanigans

Vlogging Shenanigans | Love, Maisie
So, if you follow me on twitter you’ll probably know that I started vlogging in January and guess what.. I’m still doing it! I can’t believe I’ve managed to stick at this little project for as long as I have, hashtag just a bit proud of myself. I thought i’d share a little post about my vlogging venture for those of you who weren’t aware of it!
I decided that I wanted to start capturing snippets of my day to day musings and dare I say, adventures, in video form a long time ago but never really had the oomph to actually start. I loved the idea of having mini episode’s of my life to watch back whenever I wanted to! I’m already enjoying watching back videos from just a couple of months ago!
My favourite vlog so far has probably been week 8, gin nachos and Ally Pally. I got Jack tickets for an Enter Shikari and The Wonder Years gig at Christmas and during week 8 we finally got to use them! Alexandra Palace looks out over London and it’s just an absolutely stunning venue!
Of course, some weeks I have more to share and talk about than others and some days I don’t really want to do or film anything, or even have the time for that matter! I’ve definitely started doing this for myself, for the memories but if you’d like to come along with me and watch then that’s great!
I’ve poped links to all of my vlogs from this year so far below, so please feel free to have a nosey!
If you fancy subscribing to my channel, you can do so right here! Do you like vlogs? Do you vlog? Have you caught any of mine yet? What did you think? Let me know!
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