Speedy Vegan Mushroom Risotto With Indigo Herbs

Speedy Vegan Mushroom Risotto With Indigo Herbs | Love, Maisie
Hello again you lovely lot! Welcome back to my three part blog series! If you missed the first one, you can read it right here. For today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing my vegan mushroom risotto recipe with you all! As I was vegetarian for so many years, a good mushroom risotto was something I often ordered at restaurants, but alas, since becoming the little vegan lady that I am, risotto hasn’t really been something I’ve been able to order off the menu! 
As part of my lovely Indigo Herbs bundle that I received recently, there was an Indigo Herbs supplement that I was super excited to try out and that is their Shiitake Mushroom Powder*. I find that mushrooms are a bit like marmite, you either love them like I do or hate them like I hate marmite. 
Again, this isn’t the most attractive looking thing that I’ve ever made/eaten but boy oh boy is it tasty! Insert heart eye emoji here. Let’s get to it!
900ml of boiling water
1 tbsp Olive Oil
250g Closed Cup Chestnut Mushrooms
1/2 Red Onion
185g Risotto Rice
60ml Dry White wine
15g Dairy Free Pure Olive Oil Butter
Salt and pepper to taste 
10 minutes prep 30-35 minutes to cook.
You want to start off by preparing all your ingredients. I sliced my mushrooms into fairly large pieces and diced my half onion into quite small pieces. I also made a sort of broth mixture by mixing my boiling water with my shiitake mushroom powder.
Heat your oil in a large pot/pan before adding the mushrooms and onions. I fryed these on a medium heat for about 5 minutes until they mushrooms and onion became soft and the water from them had started to come out(I’m sure there’s a better way to explain that but you know what I mean).
Next up, you just want to add your risotto rice into your pan, and mix it until it’s sort of coated in your veg mixture before pouring your dry white wine into it. Stir this in for around another minute before beginning to add your shiitake mushroom powder stock to the pan. I added around 200ml at a time so that the rice had time to absorb it gradually, rather than just swimming in a mushroom and onion bath.
Once all the stock has been added and absorbed, it’s time to turn the heat right down and add your vegan cheese and butter! The cheezly red cheddar does surprisingly melt into the mixture which adds a really lovely creaminess to this dish! Nom!

How easy was that? Still not the most Instagram worthy looking meal ever, but it’s delicious and the shiitake mushroom powder is pretty darn good for you! It enlivens the immune system and has a high polysaccharides count. Not gonna lie, I had to Google this but, polysaccharides are stored in the liver and muscles and saved as energy for later use, our bodies are pretty neat, huh?

How are you enjoying my Indigo Herbs collaboration posts so far? There’s another one coming your way tomorrow so make sure you pop back bright and early at 7am! Have you tried the Indigo Herbs shiitake mushroom powder? Will you be trying out this recipe? If you do, be sure to let me know!
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*Disclaimer: Although this product was gifted to me by the above company, all opinions on the product are 100% honest and of my own and are not representative of the company. I would never give a false/misleading opinion of a product, no matter what relationship I have with the company.