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Tea Tree Toner Water | Lush Review | Love, Maisie
If you’ve been reading Love, Maisie for a while now, you’ll know that I complain about my oily skin all the time. Recently, my skin has flared up something awful. It became more oily, more inflamed and irritated and I’ve had breakouts down both of my cheeks, not the summer skin I was hoping for. Around a month ago, I popped into the Lush in Reading and spoke to one of the lovely ladies in there (I think her name was Tore, so if you know her, tell her thanks!) to get some advice on what products might help with my ~*situation*~. 

I ended up spending around £30 in total, oops, but one of the items that I picked up that I wanted to talk to you about is Lush’s Tea Tree Toner Water. I used to work for a handmade cosmetics company so I know a thing or two about essential oils and if there’s one oil that will work wonders on your skin, it’s tea tree. I’d been out of a toner for about a month at this point, so it was well deserved anyway(so I told myself at the time when I handed my bank card over), despite my new mountain ranges.
For one, Lush’s tea tree toner water smells so refreshing! Amongst the scent of tea tree which I personally really like, there’s also grapefruit water in there, which smells divine and juniper berry water! In all honesty, the best way to describe it’s scent it that it smells like a volvic citrus flavoured water, not bad hey. Tea tree has incredible antibacterial properties so without a doubt, I really believe that this toner was the main product that aided in clearing up my breakouts and irritation across my face. Unfortunately, I’ve ended up with some slight scaring down my cheeks but I’m hoping that over time, it’ll heal up a little more and the scars won’t be as visible.
Tea Tree Toner Water | Lush Review | Love, Maisie
You can use this tea tree toner water by simply spraying it directly onto your face(which, once you get used to initial shock of how cold it feels, actually feels great!) or spray onto cotton pads before wiping them over your face to remove the leftovers of any makeup that our cleanser might have missed or even just to refresh your skin after getting out the shower. My skin genuinely feels it’s cleanest once I’ve used this toner.
I think the trick to healing any skin irritation or breakout is consistency. For me, I found that using Lush’s tea tree toner water religiously every day has really aided my skin in it’s desperate time of need and has even improved the overall feel of my skin! I would highly recommend this product to anyone with oily skin or anyone suffering with painful breakouts. In fact, I might even go as for to say that this is my favourite Lush product to date! P.S, it’s 100% vegan!
Have you tried Lush’s tea tree toner water? What did you think? Do you rate it as highly as I do? Let me know! 
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  1. Haven't tried the tea tree toner but I have used the facial wash from the same range for more than a year now and it is so amazing! I love love love how my blemishes just disappear and never comes back and it smells so fresh!

  2. Ella says:

    This sounds like the perfect toner to clear up my blemishes as I have combination to oily skin! I'm going to pop in to my local Lush tomorrow so see if I can find it 🙂 Thank you for posting this!
    Ella x

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