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Summer’s here! Oh wait.. no, it’s gone again.. oh, it looks like it’s back! Oh. No. Is anybody else a little confused by the current weather conditions? It’s almost July and I’m still wearing jeans and jackets. But hey ho, I can’t complain because when you’ve got options like these, you can look great come rain or shine!

Today I wanted to share my current favourite picks from the Trilogy stores website and I’m gonna jump straight into it with my favourite piece which is this pink Helene Berman patch pocket coat, which Jack has just informed me he thinks looks very 50’s Stepford wives? I think that this dusty pink sleeveless jacket could really spruce up your plain t-shirt and jeans look! The model on the Trilogy website rocks it perfectly with a white tee, blue skinnies and black heeled sandals. This it is currently available in the Trilogy sale, woohoo!
Another coat that I’ve got my eye on is this Helene Berman navy stripe notch collar jacket. Even when we do have those very rare, nice warm and sunny days, the temperature always seems to drop drastically in the evening, so having something like this to throw over your shoulder-less maxi dress is sure to keep you warm and with it’s timeless navy stripes, you can re-cycle it through outfit choices time and time again! Find it online now!
Fingers crossed, when July and August come around, we’ll all get the chance to complain about how hot it is and be in a dire state of constant sweating and frizzy hair (British summer sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?). I for one don’t like wearing tight clothing up top, especially when it’s hot! So blouses are one of my go to’s for the summer. Both of these blouses are gorgeous but my favourite of the two is definitely the white Paige Tess blouse. I love the Greek vibe about it, don’t you? Pair with your favourite shorts and sandals and you’re good to go! Saying that, the blue patterned Paige Jobeth blouse is a stunner too isn’t it?
Seeing as Trilogy are the ones who know denim, let’s talk skinny jeans! I’ve been a firm lover of skinny jeans for what seems like forever now and I honestly don’t think they will ever go out of style. Mom jeans and flares will come and go from our wardrobes but I really think that skinnies will always remain our firm favourite. Ripped pink skinny jeans, my absolute dream jeans! These J Band cropped skinnies are a must have for this time of year! I’m definitely thinking about treating myself to these babies. Rock these with a pair of Toms and your Tess blouse for a super casual look.     
Last but not least are the J Brand Anja ankle cuff jeans. There’s something really elegant about the rolled up cuffs. A staple item that’s a little different from the rest of the skinny jeans in your collection. Available online right here!    
So there’s my current top Trilogy picks! Have you ever shopped at Trilogy before? What did you think? Are you lusting over these items now too? Let me know! 
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*This post contains sponsored links from Trilogy Stores.

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  1. Love your trilogy lush list Maisie 🙂 hope your going to have all of them xxx

  2. I hope one day I can save up to get them all too haha! xx

  3. Love all of your choices, specially the white and blue top and the baby pink jeans! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  4. I adore the pink skinnies! x

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