I honestly can’t believe how fast time is flying by! Weeks 15 and 16 were so completely different to each other for me! Here’s a little run down.

During week 15 the only negative thing that happened was that I woke up twice during the night with an insane cramp in my calf that meant I actually couldn’t get up out of bed. I know I sound ridiculous! Has anyone else had this before? Once it passed, it wasn’t too bad but holy wow did my muscles ache for the rest of the day. During week 15 I also spent a Saturday out and about in Southampton which proved to be a little tiring. I need to get myself a fitbit so that I can count my steps on day trips like that!

Overall, I found week 15 pretty easy peasy, my skin had finally started clearing, I had way more energy than I did throughout the whole of my first trimester and I generally felt myself (OH except for that horrendous nosebleed at 5am, fun fun fun)! But then week 16 hit and boy oh boy was it headache and hormone central!

Honestly, there were a couple of days in week 16 where I felt like I’d never feel “normal” again. There was even a time where I was laughing at something funny that Jack had said but within 5 seconds it turned into sobbing for no reason what-so-ever, thanks hormones! It was definitely a mentally challenging week to say the least. I know that feeling low or just not yourself is very common in pregnancy, but it doesn’t make it feel any nicer. Thankfully, I am surrounded by incredible people and bless his soul, Jack is always there for me when I need him, even if it is to just cry at his jokes. (ps, please please pleaseeeeee put your clothes away!)

As you can see from the photo, I’m certainly starting to show! Although, I still kind of feel like I just look a bit dumpy! I’m pretty in love with this asos tee. I have two other slogan tops from asos that I’m excited to crack out, can you tell I’m a little bit excited to be preggos?

Before I end today’s post, I just want to say a huge congratulations to the lovely Lyndsay over at FizzyPeaches on announcing her little bump too! I’ll be back in two weeks time with another bump update, but until then, why not keep up to date with me and bump on twitter and Instagram! Don’t forget to leave your favourite mummy bloggers below!

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