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Summer maxi dress wishlist | Love, Maisie
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It’s August, so in theory, it should be bright sunshine every single day right? Wrong. England has this really funny weather pattern where it’s not actually a patter, yknow? Some days it gets really hot and we all hide inside and take to twitter to complain about the 30 degree heat and then the next day it’s raining and we’re all running around outside trying to catch Pokemon because we’ve read that there’s a whole load of rare Pokemon about the town center.

England is weird. But hey, when we do get those blistering hot days, I often spend half of it trying to figure out what the best thing to wear is so that I don’t become a puddle of not so hot mess. That’s where Maxi dresses come in handy! Especially if you’re going to be out all day and into the evening. Not only are they super comfy but they generally don’t make me want to cry in the heat and don’t leave me shivering all night if we stay out a little later than planed.
The first dress is from Miss Selfridge and it’s a little bandeau number and it’s only £12 in the sale, down from £30, bargain! With it’s loose fit and high waistband, I think it’d work for my growing body right now too. With slits up the sides you could pair this dress with some fancy schmancy sandals and still get to show them off. Plus there’s lace detailing over the chest, what’s not to love?
Next up is a River Island bardot maxi dress that that seems to be out of stock online but I’m kind of praying that they still have a couple left in store! I actually read a really funny blog post about bardot tops over on Kat’s blog ChaptersOfKat. But all the calamities of bardot’s aside, they look gorgeous and this print is beyond beautiful! If you have this dress and have posted it in an #ootd or blog post, please let me know!
The next two maxi dresses are both from Topshop! Ahh, good ol’ Topshop. We all know that I’ve loved Topshop for the longest time now and this summer, it’s no different. The first of the two dresses is another floral print. Hey if we can’t make summer happen then let’s just wear the most summery prints we can right? Coming in at £55, it’s definitely something that I’d treat myself to for a special occasion! Did someone say summer wedding?
Last but not least is this twist detail maxi dress by Wal G in a super dusty pink shade. Still pretty damn gorgeous and great for that summer wedding, but also slightly more casual, you could certainly get away with it as a day or night time look! Pair it with some wedges and you’re good to go! Available online now for £37.
So there we have it, my top maxi dress picks right now! What’s currently on your wishlist? Are you loving maxi dresses too at the moment? Let me know below!

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  1. Great choices! Dress #4 is my favorite =]

    Edye |

  2. Oh my gosh I love maxi dresses and these picks are absolutely gorgeous! I adore the first 2 just wow, thanks for sharing hun

    Pandora xo

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