So, if you have a twitter account and follow any amount of bloggers, you’ll probably be aware that Thursday marked the official first day of autumn, woohoo! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll be sure to know that for a million and one reasons, this is my absolute favourite time of year. So in celebration, I thought I’d put together

10 Reasons Why I'm Excited for Autumn/Winter This Year | Love, Maisie blog

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1. Being able to crack out the big ol’ fluffy jumpers and cable knit cardigans! I love feeling all snuggled up and cosy, especially if I’ve got to go out in the cold weather. So finally being able to wear my favourite jumpers again is a true blessing, amen.

2. Cuddles under blankets, sans sweat. I’m a cuddler, probably even more so now that I’m all “needy” and pregnant and what not, but sometimes, it’s just too damn hot to have a proper good cuddle. So, now that the temperature is cooling down, it means that cuddles are cute and comfortable any time of the day as oppose to being just gross and awkward in the  heat, sheesh.

3. Tartan. As I’m sure you’re probably aware, autumn/winter is my favourite time of year for fashion. One of the big factors of my wardrobe that comes through in the autumn/winter time is tartan! Tartan scarves, shirts and pretty much anything that I can get my paws on.

4. Autumnal decor is possibly my new favourite thing since Christmas. In TKMaxx a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a large amount of autumnal wreaths that I just think would look adorable on your front door and even around the house! As a center piece or even on top of the fireplace, heck, let me buy five and I’m sure I’ll put them all to good use.

10 Reasons Why I'm Excited for Autumn/Winter This Year 2 | Love, Maisie blog

5. Fairy lights. Okay, okay, I know you can have fairy lights up at any time of the year, and believe me in our house, they’re up all year round, but you can actually put them to more use as the nights grow longer and the days grow darker. There’s something so inviting about fairy lights, right? That and they look super tumblr.

6. Dark lipstick looks “acceptable” again! Okay, so maybe acceptable isn’t the right word, but rocking a darker lip just seems to look nicer around this time of year, doesn’t it? Speaking of which, would you like to see my favourite Autumnal lipsticks? (I may or may not already be planning this post and may or may not have already decided that yes, I am going to post about them)

7. Gigs! The best gigs always seem to occur in autumn/winter time, right?! Did I mention that we have tickets to see Panic! At The Disco in November because OMG I am beyond excited! My 13 year old self is so proud of the fact that I managed to get tickets in the five minutes before they sold out. #dedication #IloveyouBrendon

8. All of the wine red nail polish. My current favourite is the Rimmel London Lycra Pro in 391 Celebrity bash. Again, just like a dark lip, you could wear these shades all year round, but they just look “right” in the autumn!

9. I know I mentioned this in last years post but the countdown to Christmas begins, woohoo! As always, I can’t wait for Christmas this year, but as soon as it’s Christmas, it means that there’s only one more month until baby Corbett arrives! How crazy is that!

10. Feeling inspired. Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above, but there’s just something about autumn and winter that always seems to make me feel super inspired. I become more inspired to write and create and even get more inspired with my outfits! Which is your favourite season for inspiration?

So there we have it, 10 reasons why I’m excited for autumn/winter this year! Do you love this rime of year? Let me know! OH and also, I wrote a similar post this time last year! Did you catch it? Check out 20 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best Season, Ever right here(2015)!

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