My goodness, I can’t believe that I’m now over half way through my pregnancy(20weeks+2days today)! With that, also means that we have now found out the gender of our little blueberry, yaaaaaaaaaay! SO, Jack and I are so pleased to announce that we will be bringing a little baby… BOY into the world in January!

Baby Corbett Gender Reveal | Love, Maisie

So if you’ve spoken to me recently, you’ll probably know that pretty much since the beginning of my pregnancy, I’ve been convinced that we’re having a little boy, mother’s intuition and all that, but even now it’s been confirmed it’s still doesn’t quite feel real, ahhh! Of course, as I’m sure all you other mumma’s out there know, the sonographer has to shout out a *lil disclaimer* that it’s not 100% accurate until the baby is born.. but we asked her how confident she was and she pointed out all the “boy parts” to us, so I’m pretty sure we can get planning for a little boy!

~~~Funny story, Jack has been dead convinced that we’d be having a little girl, so we decided to put a £20 bet on with each other. The odds were pretty good to be fair, but of course, I am now £20 better off!~~~
Of course, the main reason for your 20 week scan is to check that your baby is developing well and he’s healthy and happy in there and thankfully, everything looks to be well! It was actually pretty amazing to watch as we got to see the heart beating from all different angels and we even got to see the different directions that the blood was flowing around the body! Also, teeny tiny baby feet, hands and nose ahhhhhh, so cute oh my goodness! We did also discover that my placenta is low and anterior but I’ll talk more about that next week in my 19 + 20 week bump update
So there we have it! The news is out! Baby Corbett is going to be a little lad and I actually can’t wait! Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl? Do you want to find out? Let me know below!
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