BUMP UPDATE | WEEKS 19, 20, 21 + 22

Well, oops and uh oh and my apologies! It’s been a crazy month and I can’t quite believe that as this post goes live, I am officially 23 weeks pregnant, say what! The past four weeks haven’t been the easiest four weeks of my life, I’ll tell ya’ that. Fancy a cuppa? This could be a long one! Psst, if you missed the last bump update, catch it here!

Week 19 was by far, the hardest week of my pregnancy so far. I think week 19 saw me at my most emotional since the beginning of my pregnancy. Honestly, this was three or so weeks ago now so I can’t specifically remember what it was the set me off, but I’m guessing it was probably a breadcrumb? Something that also played with my emotions was that I discovered deep stretch marks on top of and on the underside of my boobs. I know this is a totally selfish thing to get upset about, but going back to the post I wrote about body confidence and pregnancy, I feel like I am sort of allowed to feel however I want to about my body? Judge me if you will, but the fact that I have stretch marks all over my boobs already isn’t really something that’s making me feel amazing and motherly. Keeping on the subject of boobs, my nipples were quite painful and seemed to have grown, yes grown, a significant amount! Sorry if that’s tmi but pregnancy in general is just tmi!

During this week, I also think that I started to feel little feelings in my tummy. I wouldn’t say kicks as it was sort of maybe just once or twice a day I would feel ~something~ but it didn’t seem to fit the bill for baby kicks or flutters. I sort of began to grow a little worried as lots of other people around this stage in their pregnancy have already started to feel regular kicks and movement.

BUMP UPDATE | WEEKS 19, 20, 21 + 22 | Love, Maisie

Plaid shirt – F&F baby | Dino top + joggers – Tu Sainsburys

Week 20 seemed to take forever to arrive, because of course we were booked in for our 20 week scan to check on baby’s development and to find out little baby Corbett’s gender! If you read my gender reveal post, you’ll know that Jack and I will be welcoming a baby boy to our little family! We almost didn’t get to find out the gender as little baby was sitting cross legged on his feet! During the scan, I cheekily asked the sonographer to measure his feet and she said they were 3cm long, so so tiny!

I found the 20 week scan so much more interesting than the 12 week scan we had a couple of months before. They have to check over all of the baby’s functioning organs and such, so it took around 20 minutes in total. We got to see a close of baby’s face and he kept holding his little hands in front of his mouth and boxing, what a little weirdo! We were able to have a look at his little heart beating away, with which the sonographer also checked that all the blood was flowing to and from the heart correctly. I think Jack enjoyed the part where we had a look over the baby’s brain and he got to talk about it all with the sonographer using all the doctor words. No, Jack’s not a doctor, but in his words, he “just reads a lot of stuff.” Thankfully, baby Corbett is cooking away nicely in there!

BUMP UPDATE | WEEKS 19, 20, 21 + 22 | 2 | Love, Maisie

All items – Primark
The only thing that raised a slight cause for concern was that my placenta was slightly low and was also anterior. The anterior part isn’t really a problem, although it does mean that I probably wasn’t feeling much movement as it would have been cushioning the baby’s movements, which relieved me a little ngl! The low part is where it starts to cause problems. For now, it just means that I have been booked in for another scan at 32 weeks to check to see if the placenta has decided to move, because right now, it’s basically blocking the exit! Hopefully, it will have moved by then, but if not, I’ll be booked in for another scan at 36 weeks and then if it still hasn’t moved, I’ll be refereed to a consultant to plan a c-section, which is not what I want at all. But hey ho, I am putting my trust in the medical professionals because what I do want is my little boy to arrive happily, healthily and safely.

After this, week 20 mainly consisted of myself and Jack throwing names at each other and me being the indecisive human that I am, deciding that I like something but then going off it 24 hours later. Oh the joys! There are still a couple of names floating around but as of yet, there’s nothing set in stone, who knew the baby naming game would be so hard!

Week 21 and 22 were a little bit up and down for a couple of reasons. Although, they seemed to fly by as I was doing a lot of hours at work, so time just seemed to fall beneath me! I did however have time to walk a mile in my lunch break one afternoon to get Jack’s birthday present! I bought him a Nespresso coffee machine and omg I think I love it just as much as he does! I know it’ll be a Godsend when the baby arrives I tell ya!

A positive thing during week 21 was that we started to feel little baby Corbett’s movements, but properly this time! It’s so amazing to finally be able to feel him moving around in there! It’s reassuring and it’s also helping me to to deal with everything better emotionally. Jack is able to feel kicks from the outside of my tummy which I think makes it extra special for him too! Oh and if I thought my bump at popped at week 18, well, it certainly has now!

BUMP UPDATE | WEEKS 19, 20, 21 + 22 | 3 |  Love, Maisie

For Jack’s birthday, we ventured to his sister’s house for coffee and cake with his family. I made some coffee and chocolate vegan cupcakes, which I’m thinking of making again for a blog post! Jack’s older sister has just had a baby girl so I got to have some baby cuddles which was so lovely! Whenever I see new born babies I just get even more excited for our little one to arrive! As much as parenthood does kind of terrify me a little a lot, I’m equally excited and can’t wait for all of the challenges ahead!

Week 22 arrived and we received the awful news that we would no longer be able to move into our new flat this week. Queue blubbering Maisie walking into work on a Wednesday morning and scaring everyone until I could function enough to say what had happened! Sadly, we have spent the last 4 – 6 weeks of our time invested in this property, from form filling and guarantor signing to buying furniture and deciding where we would be putting baby’s cot, it’s safe to say that we were a little upset. So when the weekend came, we packed up our little overnight bag and headed up to my mums so that we could take some time out from.. well, life really! We had a lovely time with my family and the weather was even on our side!

BUMP UPDATE | WEEKS 19, 20, 21 + 22 | 4 | Love, Maisie
Tee – Asos | Parker – Topshop(old) | Jack’s jumper – Primark

So there we have it, the past 4 weeks! Sorry that It’s been a bit of a long one but I just haven’t been up to blogging the last couple weeks but I’m glad to say that I’m so ready to get stuck back in for October! Let me know if you’re enjoying my pregnancy related blog posts and keep an eye out for future baby bump updates!

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  1. Awww love this blog post hun, you look lovely in your photo. Hope everything goes well in your pregnancy chic. Its so hard to not worry stress about it, but all that stress and worry will literally disappear as soon as your lil man is in your arms.
    Love LisaGXoX

  2. Thanks so much Lisa! xx

  3. Oooooh your bump is so so cute omg! I bet your little one will be such a cutie! : ) xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. haha you think? Thanks! I can't wait to meet him already :3 xx

  5. Awww YAY for bump-dates! Sorry the last 4 weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster for you, but you are looking SO fantastic. I have an anterior placenta too so the kicks took a while to feel and even now they are only really light and I can't feel them on the outside at all. Hopefully the placenta will move over the next few weeks, there is plenty of time so don't worry!
    Your 20 week scan pics are so good, we only got pictures of arms and legs as baby was being a little pickle! 😉

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  6. Bless you, thank you so much! I certainly don't feel fantastic most of the time so thanks haha!
    Awww bless you! You have another scan booked in next week? I hope you get to see more of her then! xxx

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