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“If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.” – Ruthie Lindsey *img source

I am guilty of being a silent reader. There are so many talent bloggers and creatives that I follow whose posts I don’t always comment on and I know we are all guilty of this! But I’ve decided that as of now, every time I read a blog post through, I’ll leave a little comment, because I know how happy it makes me when people take a couple minutes out of their day to drop a little message to me! 

Here’s this weeks challenge to take on if you will! If you see someone at the supermarket with a super amazing outfit, let them know! If you cross paths with someone who is having a great hair day, let them know too! It’s little things like this that will make someone’s day! If there is someone busking in the street and they’ve got real talent, let them know! Remind people how beautiful they are ❤︎
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  1. I really struggle with actually complimenting people, if I like something in real life, I need to work on that – great post.

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