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A couple of weeks ago, I was reading Ami’s blog over at Perks Of Being Ami where she shared a post about some Zoeva dupe brushes that she snapped up on Ebay! Being a Zoeva fan myself, I had to see what exactly it was she was going to say!

After reading Ami’s blog post, I decided to purchase both sets of brushes she had talked about, because a) they were ridiculously cheap for the sound of their quality and b) why not!

ebay make up brushes | Zoeva rose gold set dupe | Love, Maisie

The first set to arrive was this gold and (I’d say) peachy/orange 8 piece brush set, which is inclusive of 3 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. They’re all made with synthetic bristles so they are 100% vegan too, woohoo! None of these brushes are actually labelled on what their main purpose is so I’ve just been using them for what I think they’re made for and what works for me! (And, I also had a look on the Zoeva site and these brushes are replicated almost exactly to how the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol 2 brushes are designed!)

So, what have we got! Well, (Face brushes from top to bottom) it looks like we have a buffer brush for applying and blending foundation, a cheek powder brush and a contouring brush. I have used the foundation brush on a couple of occasions and I do find that it blends my liquid foundation nicely and gives a really nice finish actually! I’ve been using the cheek powder brush for applying and sweeping my blush across the apples of my cheeks and my it is so soft! 10/10 from me on that one lads! Lastly for the face, it’s the contour brush. I’m yet to actually use this one because my firm favourite brush for applying bronzer/contour is my Zoeva 127 Luxe sheer cheek brush, holy grail I tell ya!

An Ebay make up brush find 2 | Zoeva rose gold set dupe make up brushes | Love, Maisie
As for the smaller/eye brushes, we’ve got(from top to bottom) a smoky shading brush, one for your crease(lol still such a funny word, even after three and a half years of blogging), a winged eyeliner brush, a brow powder brush and a smudger.
When it comes to fluffy eye shadow brushes, I tend to just grab whatever’s clean! Don’t judge me. However, if I’ve got the options there, I’ll choose a firmer brush for applying the colours and the fluffier/loser brushes for blending the colours out, so I guess I’m doing something right? The brow and the eyeliner brushes are very similar, except the eyebrow powder brush is slightly thicker. Honestly? For winged liner, I use the brush that come’s with my Primark gel eyeliner(killer, I tell ya) but I do sometimes use the Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush(which, top tip: is also great for applying lip product), but I have found myself using the thinner, eyeliner brush for my brows as I find the one designed for your brows just a bit too thick. Did you catch that?
An Ebay make up brush find 3 | Zoeva rose gold set dupe make up brushes | Love, Maisie
Overall, I’m pretty pleased with these brushes! Not only are they cute and look lovely sat on my desk, but the majority of them are pretty decent and east to work with, especially to say that they only cost £4.84 for the entire set! I’d recommend this set to anyone who is in need of a couple of extra day to day brushes but can’t splash out the cash for the high end brands right now.
I ordered these brushes on the 11th of September and it took around 2 weeks for them to arrive, which coming from China and on free delivery, isn’t that bad at all. They were scheduled to arrive anywhere up to the 20th of October! I am actually still waiting for my pink 12 piece eye brush set, so they have 5 more days to show up(acording to the delivery note) and if not, I won’t be a happy bunny! When they do eventually arrive, I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of that set too!

Have you bought yourself this make up brush set yet? What did you think? What are your favourite make up brushes to use? Let me know!

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  1. Omg what a beautiful find! And at such a cheap price versus the actual Zoeva brush sets.. I am amazed and I am going to put the sets in the basket right now!! Thank you for such a lovely and well-written review of these brushes 🙂 you've definitely persuaded me.. because you can never have too many brushes, right? xx

  2. my gosh thank YOU for your kind words! Go for it!! x

  3. eeep I'm still waiting for my eye brush set, wahh!
    Ooooo go and order it now haha! They are pretty good staples if you ask me! x

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