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H&M will always be a firm favourite high street store for me and as of late, when I’ve been in there, I’ve been eyeing up their baby bits, because omg, such cute! H&M have a really wide range of baby boy, girl and gender neutral options, so I thought it only right to put together a little wishlist! I have actually already picked up a couple of bits and bobs in store, which you would have seen in my latest YouTube video if I could get my footage on to my laptop, grrrr technology. 

Baby boy clothes | Wishlist | H&M | Love, Maisie

Pile all-in-one suit – £14.99 | Okay sweatshirt all-in-one suit – £12.99 | Ghosties printed pyjamas – £5.99 | Goofy printed pyjamas | 2-Pack Pooh Bear pyjamas – £12.99 | 2-Pack All-in-one blue and grey pjyamas – £9.99 | 2-pack long sleeve bodysuit in yellow and grey – £6.99 | 2-pack wrapover bodysuits moons and constellations – £7.99 | Green bear 3-piece jersey set – £6.99 | Light grey 3-piece jersey set – £6.99 |  Khaki green marl jacket – £29.99 |  Baseball Jacket – £9.99 | Corduroy Shirt – £9.99 |  Mint Green Sweatshirt – £5.99 | 2-Pack triangular scarves £3.99 | Mickey jersey tube scarf – £5.99

All-in-one’s or baby grows or rompers or whatever you want to call them are a, an essential and b, absolutely adorable! My personal favourite at the moment are these first two all-in-ones. The pile all-in-one is basically going to turn baby Corbett into a little fluffy teddy bear, how adorable? I’ve actually felt this in store and it’s super duper soft. The Okay sweatshirt style all-in-one is just so sweet too! I love the little bits of detail, like the brown pleather zip and the mustard writing, it’s the simple little touches hey.

The next four items are all labeled as pyjamas. What’s more awesome the pyjamas? Baby Pj’s of course! My favourite of the four is probably the little Winnie the Pooh set! I’ve got a bit of a thing for Winnie, I’m not sure why, but I think that the prints are especially cute for little baby boys.

Like I mentioned, I’ve already picked up a couple of bits from H&M and I really rate the quality of the fabric that they use. It’s all gentle to the touch and so I think I’ll be a fan of picking up their basics like these bodysuits. I particularly like this 2-pack of wrapover bodysuits with the moon and constellations on it, super cute hey? This pack in particular is £7.99, so not the cheapest around but for a nice print it’s certainly not the priciest!

Another thing that I really love the idea of for our little buba, is little outfits with matching hats. Don’t ask me why, they’re just too adorable.. isn’t everything that’s miniature human sized just adorable? Firstly, this Green Bear 3-piece set is just too cute with it’s little patterned leggings, my goodness me! The light grey bird set is also just as sweet, eep! Both sets are £6.99 so I’ll probably just order both if i’m being honest. I think I have an addiction to buying baby clothes, not even sorry.

I’ve found it really hard to look for coats for buba, mainly because I find them so big and bulky, which I guess they kind of have to be to keep the poor little thing warm, but I just feel as though they’ll be uncomfortable? So hey, if you have any tips for buying baby coats, let me know! Thankfully, we have already been gifted two cute lil coats, one that I think was 0-3 months and the other 3-6 months. I found these two and fell in love with both of them! First up is this khaki green marl jacket which looks like a little old man coat doesn’t it? A little pricey for a teeny tiny jacket at £29.99? Still cute though!

Okay so the baseball jacket probably isn’t very practical or very warm but again.. it’s hella cute! It’s only £9.99 so hey if you fancy it for your little munchkin then you can grab it right here.

Is a corduroy shirt a bit too much for a baby? Maybe, but it’s adorable right! Pair it with this mint green sweatshirt and bam, total little #ootd number! I love that this mint green sweatshirt is a) mint green, but most importantly b) has neck poppers! For £5.99, if I buy a big enough size, I’m sure it’ll be a little baby staple that will last us a good while!

Last but not least are these little scarves! I adore scarves/bibs for baby boys as I think it makes them look like little old men with neckerchiefs! Have I lost my mind? Probably. There’s this little blue 2-pack that I’m almost certain they have multiple patterns and colours of, but best of all, check out this Mickey mouse one! Again, if you had been able to see my latest YouTube video, you’d know that I already picked up a mickey mouse set from H&M(which I can’t find on their website anymore, wah, sorry!)

So there we have it, my little H&M baby boy wishlist! Have you had a peep at H&M for your little one lately? They also have a wide range of gender neutral and baby girl options too! Let me know which piece is your favourite!

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