If you missed my last bump update, you can catch it right here. The weeks seem to be going by so so slowly, but when I see the week numbers written down, I can’t quite believe it! Pregnancy is still proving to be a bit of a challenge for me, but I’m getting through it and I’m already more than excited to meet our baby boy! Here’s hoping that the next 15 weeks go by super swiftly!

Week 23 saw the return of the oedema. Oh my word, swollen feet, ankles and legs are not my favourite thing ever. In fact, I might even go as far to say that it’s my worst symptom yet! Yup, you read right, worse than acid reflux! My oedema has actually made me feel really down on a number of occasions. It’s just not a great feeling knowing that you have to sit with your legs/feet raised at every opportunity you get, just so you can *attempt* to get a pair of shoes back on later. I’m sure to some the idea of sitting down for hours on end sounds grand, but the reality of it is not as glamourous as one might think.

On the day of this bump shot, Jack and I had ventured across to Richmond to see his sister, who I mentioned in my last bump update had recently had her second baby, eep! Little M is still as cute as ever of course. We went for a little walk into Richmond town which was good for my “littleclub feet. I have to walk slower than everyone else because of my feet being so swollen but also because I’ve noticed that if I walk fast/at my regular pace, I get a stitch and those ladies and gentlemen, are not fun!
At the start of week 24, I was pretty emotional to say the least. As I’ve mentioned a lot recently, I’m still struggling a lot with my confidence whilst being pregnant. I feel like I have lost all control over my body and it makes me feel so low and ridiculously anxious. It got to the point last Saturday where I was just trying on outfit after outfit and actually looking at myself in the mirror in disgust and not wanting to wear anything at all and just climb back into bed. What was also really getting to me was the fact that I could no longer wear any of my ankle or Chelsea boots because my feet/ankles/legs just wouldn’t allow it!
Luckily, I managed to pull myself together and hop on up to my mum’s for the rest of the weekend with Jack. We viewed another house in Gloucestershire and ate a lot of food. I’ve certainly not lost my appetite that’s for sure! Trying to eat all the right foods is honestly a lot harder than it’s ever been. Purely because all I really want to eat is chocolate.. all day, every day baby!

Please excuse my scrunched up eyes(sun) and lipstick ON teeth!

During week 24, my oedema hasn’t been as bad as it was, although it’s not gone completely, I doubt it will until after the baby is born! But, in a bid to make myself feel better about the boots situation, on Monday, I ventured into Primark with mumma bear(who kindly helped me to take my week 24 bump shots, thanks mum!) and bought myself some brown laceup boots, which were a bargain at only £12! I’m usually a size 6 but went for the 7 so that I’ve got some extra space for cosy, fluffy socks and swelling!
Another symptom that doesn’t seem to be as bad at the moment is the acid reflux. It was getting so bad to the point where I didn’t want to eat anything but Rennies! I’m sure it will continue to come and go throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but I’d much prefer that it didn’t rear it’s ugly head as often as it did a couple of weeks ago!
I’m already getting impatient for baby to arrive. Of course, I don’t want him to make his appearance just yet, he needs to cook a little bit longer, but I just can’t wait to have my little one in my arms. If there’s one thing that’s keeping me going(apart from Jack being my bestest bud/life partner/psychiatrist/carer/chef/driver) it’s the thought of being able to meet our little boy in, now, less than 15 weeks!
I hope you’re all enjoying these bump updates! My stats suggest that you are! Leave a comment below letting me know if you’ve been catching them all! Are you pregnant too? Leave your links below! I love reading about other people’s experiences too! Oh and happy Friday!
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  1. I've been absolutely loving these bump updates. I'm sorry to hear you've been not been feeling so great lately, but you're looking gorgeous in all your bump photos. You're going to be a yummy mummy for sure! Xx

  2. Aww yay, I'm glad to hear that you are! My goodness me, thank you! You're too kind haha! xx

  3. Ah sorry to hear it's knocked your confidence but you look absolutely fab in your pictures and that is a lovely sized bump! I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and my bump has seriously popped out in the last few weeks. I've been able to get away with my usual clothes up til now but this morning I had to face facts and actually wear the maternity shirt I bought….and omg it's so much more comfortable lol!! xx

  4. Oh wow thank you lovely!
    I'm nearly 26 now and I can't imagine wearing anything that's pre pregnancy haha! Maternity pants are so much more comfy than regular pants/jeans/trousers haha! x

  5. You are looking fab! Vx

  6. Thanks so much! x

  7. Aw I love your bump updates. I had to take my wedding rings off because my hands were swollen and I was frightened I wouldn't be able to get them off! Body image throughout pregnancy is really tricky. It's amazing to see your little baby grow but losing complete control over your body is scary, I totally felt the same.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

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