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I actually can’t believe that we’re well over half way through October already, where is this beautiful month going? After having my eye on a few exceptionally awesome pieces, I decided to put together a little wardrobe wishlist for the blog! Of course, being that I am as they say, with child, there are some maternity bits thrown in, but not all of these items are limited to those of us that are currently carrying a miniature human!


First up is a bit of a splurgey piece but it’s this super cute, and what seems like it would be flattering, flannel/tartan blouse from Esprit. Coming in at just under £60(do I sound like those really annoying tv adverts yet?) it’s a bit more than I’d like to pay for a shirt that I probably won’t be able to wear in 6 months time. None the less, it’s super cute and I think that should I have a spare £60 floating around in the next month or so(HA, fat chance!) then I might just treat myself.
Now, this beanie is my favourite piece in this whole post because omg just look at it?! Being a Kate Spade number, it’s another pricey item but it’s pretty damn gorgeous. I’m not sure what it is about the simple little winky eyes but I just need to get my hands on this! You can grab one online now for just over £50.
I keep seeing kids and adults alike rocking bright yellow parka-esk rain coats(Hi Nim if you’re reading!) and I desperately need one in my life. But for now, this little fabric number will do the trick aesthetically! I’d pair it with something simple like jeans and a stripy tshirt because boy oh boy is this bright yellow! Available online now for just £20 in the Sheln sale!
H&M are great for staple pieces, both maternity and their regular lines. This knitted cardigan is from their regular range and I just know it’s a staple that would fit perfectly into my everyday wardrobe. There’s just something so lovely about grey! If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll have noticed that I pin a lot of grey items of clothing for both myself and little buba. I just think it’s such a versatile colour that goes with everything but it makes a difference from wearing black, you get me?
Something that I’ve not yet got my hands on are a pair(or two) of maternity leggings. I love my maternity jeans from H&M and I’m even swearing by my new Primark maternity tights, but I do miss being able to wear leggings! I did try my old/pre baby leggings on the other day and they’re fine really, but pretty uncomfortable where they sit under my bump, boohoo. This 2-pack is from George at ASDA and they’re only £12, bargain! I’m not sure what size would suit me best so I think I’ll hold off from ordering them online and just pick some up when I’m next in an ASDA!
If you read my latest bump update, you’ll know that shoes are currently not my friend. I have however found a pair of boots that are slightly too big but super comfortable and I have also realised that I own two pairs of trainers that also happen to be super comfy! I found these adorable white pom pom trainers in the River Island sale for just £15 and my word I need to get them, right? Three pairs of trainers sounds so much better than two don’t you think? Think how cute they’d look with the yellow coat? Arghhh!
Keeping on the topic of shoes, my current staple pair of boots are lace up at the front which means there’s plenty of space for said swelling. I like the idea of this burgundy pair as they have a zip on the side, making getting in and out of them a slightly easier task than I currently fail at with my beloved Chelsea boots! A bargain at just £9.99, I’m sure they’d be a firm favourite of mine for the rest of autumn/winter!
Last but not least is this adorable(how many times can I say adorable before it becomes tres annoying?) kitty handbag! Would you believe it, I’m still on the hunt for a sizeable handbag! This one in particular is from a store on Amazon, so it’ll either be utterly crap or totally amazing! I guess the only way to know would be to, oh I don’t know, order one, right? For £26.99, it’s a little pricey for something that’s from a brand that I’ve ever heard of, but it is adorable.
So there we have it, my little October wardrobe wishlist! Let me know what it is that you’re lusting over this month, maternity or not! Leave your links below!
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  1. Firstly congrats and I love your autumnal picks for maternity wear. I bloody love a pair of high-waisted leggings and I'm not even pregnant! So comfy for this time of year. Also that little bobble hat is so cute and love that cat bag! x

  2. Omg so happy for you congrats this reminds me of when i was prego with my little ones. Even though im done having babies i still love these type of posts is that weird? anyway i love your blog wishing you so much luck and joy on your bundle of joy

  3. Thanks so much!! x

  4. Awww thank you! No not weird at all haha! Thank you so much for your positive words! x

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