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A couple of months ago, I was browsing the beauty section at Primark, desperately trying to find my beloved gel eyeliner(which is often super hard to find! It must be way more popular that I thought!), I stumbled across Primark’s range of lip liner pencil’s. Intrigued, I picked one in up in the shade “Dark Pink.” Little did I know that this would be the start of a beautiful love affair!

Primark Lip Liners | Review + Swatches | 8 Shades | Love, Maisie
So as you can see, my one initial purchase turned into a couple more purchases and I’m now the proud owner of eight Primark lip liners, holy cow! I only really got into lip liners about a year ago and I must say, they can be a game changer! I’ve found that I like to wear lip liners both under a lipstick and on their own!

Now, let’s talk business. Each of the Primark lip liner’s cost just £1, which is absolutely nothing at all! They have a massive range of colours and I’ve chosen my favourite eight, so far, to share with you all!
Primark Lip Liners | Review + Swatches | 8 Shades | Love, Maisie
(From top left to bottom right) Hot Gossip, Aubergine, Vamp, Wine, Brown, Dark Pink, Rosewood Mauve, Desert Sand
I’ve chosen a fairly wide range of shades, but nothing too out of the ordinary from what you’d expect for a lip colour! The first shade is called Hot Gossip and it’s a gorgeous, fairly bright purple shade. I’ve been loving wearing this on it’s own but it also works beautifully underneath my Elizabeth Arden Ultra Violet! 
Next up is another purple toned shade but a lot deeper rather than brighter, it’s Aubergine. Another one that looks lovely on it’s own! When wearing lip liners on their own, I like to apply a coat of lip balm a couple of minutes before hand underneath, just to make application a bit smoother, especially if my lips are feeling a little dry already.  
Primark Lip Liners | Review + Swatches | Hot Gossip, Aubergine, Vamp, Wine | Love, Maisie
(Please excuse me editing booboo for choosing white text on top of my black and white top, well done Maisie)
Vamp and Wine are two perfect autumnal shades, right? Vamp is more of a pure, classic red shade, which I’m sure will work wonderfully with your favourite red lippie, whilst Wine is more.. well, wine coloured! I do find Vamp a slightly richer/more pigmented shade than Wine.

When I picked up Brown, I did think it would be a slightly darker shade rather than a warmer one, but I think I really like colour! I’m not 100% sure the shade suits me but heck, I like it!

These next two shades are very similar in colour but I love them both equally. First up is my beloved Dark Pink, my first Primark lip liner love! I’ve been wearing this alone and under my Make Up Revolution lip lip lacquer in that gorgeous nude shade that came in their Christmas Lip Euphoria set last year! Rosewood Mauve is a slightly darker, deeper shade in comparison, but a great shade none the less! 
Primark Lip Liners | Review + Swatches | Brown, Dark Pink, Rosewood Mauve, Desert Sand | Love, Maisie
Last but not least, we have the lightest/nudest shade of them all! This is Desert Sand. At first, I wasn’t too keen on it, but after having it on my lips a small handful of times, I’ve come to quite like it! I will probably save it for spring time as you all know that I like to rock a bolder lip at this time of the year! 
Now, as I mentioned before, these lip liners are only £1, how mad is that? They all have equally awesome staying power, especially under lipstick! My top 3 shades would have to be Dark Pink, Hot Gossip and Vamp. Like most good lip liners that I’ve ever used, these Primark one’s can dry my lips out, but nothing a bit of lip balm before and after can’t sort! Plus, with such gorgeous shades at such an amazing price, it’s totally worth it! Which one would you purchase?
Have you tried out any of Primark’s lip liners or any of their other beauty products before? Are you as much of a fan of the lip liners as I am? Let me know your thoughts too!
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  1. Ooo, I haven't seen these before – or really heard much about them tbh. What an absolute bargain though and the shade range looks fab. I'll definitely need to keep an eye out for these when I'm next in Primark.

    Kirsty – Life in Excess

  2. I've never used a lip liner (silly I know), and I've been worried that investing in one will just mean wasted money if I don't like them. This sounds like a fab middle ground: I can try them out without breaking the bank at all. I'm going to have to have a peek next time I head into Primark!

    Steph –

  3. I hadn't seen them around on the Blogosphere so I thought I'd give them a go! 100% worth it! x

  4. Yes for sure give these guys a go as your first time! I highly recommend them!x

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