Because when you stop and look around life is pretty amazing | Quote of the week | #74 | Love, Maisie
“Because when you stop and look around life is pretty amazing” – Dr Seuss *img source
Happy Monday everyone! I can’t believe it’s October already, how did this happen!? Yesterday started off as an awful day but turned out to be a lovely one. Let me explain.

So yesterday morning started off just like most Sundays. Jack and I had a lay in and eventually got up and rolled into the kitchen where Jack, ever so kindly, made us coffee and breakfast. We had beans and mushrooms on bagels, of course, Jack also had avo. It was super duper tasty, I highly recommend it. 
Then bam, all of a sudden, pesky hormones and negative thoughts came flooding over me like a tidal wave and I was suddenly sat there, stirring my second coffee of the morning, decaf of course, and I knew that the morning wasn’t going to shape up well. If you’ve been reading some of my pregnancy related blog posts, you’ll know that I’m struggling a little lot with body image, you can read a bit more here. So queue a blubbering, miserable Maisie. 
As always, it was Jack to the rescue, medicating my sads with cuddles and kindness and after I cried all of the water out of my body, I managed to look on the bright side, get up, get ready and head out for the day. Our first stop was Tesco in Camberley, aka, the greatest place on earth. After we bagged a bargain of a weekly shop (under £40, say what), we headed to London for a mini family gathering with some of Jack’s relatives that were over visiting from Ireland. 
We spent the afternoon snacking on vegetable flavoured crisps with hummus and walking through Richmond and grabbing coffee from Whole Foods. A pretty sweet afternoon if you ask me! 
So now that I’ve rambled on about my Sunday, I’ll get to my point. My point is, that even though I’m not having the easiest of times mentally at the moment, life is pretty sweet. I’ve got a relationship so beautiful that I never could have dreamed it up, I’ve an amazing family around me that always love and support everything that I do and I’m cooking a mini human in my tummy! How magical is that? Things might not be 100% in my little brainbox at the moment, but when I stop and look around, life is pretty damn amazing.
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