Make Your Dreams Happen | Quote of the Week | #76 | Love, Maisie
“Make your dreams happen” *img source
Over the last three and a half years, I’ve spoken a lot about dreams, see here, here and here for just a few examples. I’ve always been a dreamer, from fantasy make believe worlds and scenarios in my head to career and family goals. I do not think that being a dreamer is a bad thing.

Recently, I’ve had a little bit more time on my hands, so I’ve had a bit more time to think about what it is I want out of life, out of love and even my little blog. Let’s start with the latter. I’ve been writing on this little corner of the internet now for over three years and some days, I still struggle with what direction I’m taking it in. I started this blog back in 2013 as a way of expressing myself through all things that I was passionate about and I believe that it has grown with me in the sense of what it is that I am passionate about now, as oppose to the 18 year old girl who started “The Life of Maisie(Who’s been here since those days, aye?) I think just having my little blog is one of my dreams and I’m living in it every single day. I might not have millions of views per month and a cosmetics range with my name and face plastered all over it, but I’m happy doing what I’m doing, right now, kinda making my blog dreams happen. 
There are directions that I’d like to take my blog in and projects that I’m just itching to dive into, but sometimes I get scared that if I start doing all of these things, that I won’t have any dreams left for my little blog anymore. I do however, know that my mind is always racing at 1,000,000 miles per hour, so the sense in me is almost certain that by the time I’m knee deep into the first project, I’ll already be dreaming of the next one.
What do I want out of love. What do we all want out of love? Most little girls, myself included, would dream of being a Princess and growing up and having their Prince Charming rescue them from their despair and in some really long winded round about way, that’s exactly what’s happened with me and my love and I am not ashamed to say that he definitely rescued me. I shant go in to the “story of us” too much on this wonderful Monday morning, but I will say that I could never have dreamed a love so wonderful. I think I’m getting exactly what it is that I want out of love right now. Jack’s made my dreams of love happen and continues to do so every single day.
Life. Ah, this thing that we are all living in, life. I’ve written many a time about what it is that I want out of life and what it is that I want to achieve, but right now, there are only a few things that I am dreaming of when it comes to good ol’ life. I’m dreaming of the day that we finally get to meet little baby Corbett(eeep, not too long now!) and I’m dreaming of all the wonderful things that we will be able to do together as a family. I’m dreaming of the days where I’ll be able to read to our son and tell him some of the stories that I’ve also shared with my blog. Right now, I’m sat in one big mush of dreams and I love it. 
So what is my point with today’s post, honestly? I’m not too sure. Take the quote as literally as you’d like, or don’t take it that way at all. Dream up and over and chase your dreams even whilst you’re falling asleep into a real dream world. Don’t be afraid to dream.. ever.
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