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I hate to have to start a post like this and I hope I never have to again, but unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m sure you’ll  have seen a lot of drama over on twitter surrounding “The Bloggers Hub.” Shaming someone for their appearance is not something that I believe is okay to do in any way shape or form, regardless of who they are or who you are. With that being said, I have decided to still post this blog post but to change the focus to the lovely girls that I met.

Last Saturday, I hoped on the train to Waterloo and landed myself and bump in London to attend the #TBHxBWB event in Soho, hosted by The Bloggers Hub and Bloggers Who Brunch. The meet up was held in the cutest little apartment on Poland Street, just off of Oxford Street. The event was catered with some delicious looking cupcakes and lots of fizz! Of course, I stuck to the non-alcoholic bevvy’s for the afternoon!

My first bloggers event | Love, Maisie blog

Of course, being so close to Oxford Street, I did have to pop into Topshop to have a mooch at their maternity section and I must say, it was pretty impressive! I managed to find two tops in the sale that are really me tops, which makes a nice change from the plain maternity wear that I’m used to!

The event was a chance for some of us bloggers to meet each other and for the organisers to be able to properly introduce themselves to us and let us know what their up and coming plans are for the community. Sadly, I have now had to remove myself from The Bloggers Hub pages due to some insensitive things that were voiced from their founder. Thankfully, all of the bloggers that I was lucky enough to meet at the event were all so genuine and wonderful and I have since made sure to connect with them all through social media!

My first bloggers event | Love, Maisie blog
Say hello to Farheen and Charlie!

Believe it of not, in my three and a half years of blogging, this was my first bloggers event! I was a little anxious to say the least. In fact, almost instantly after confirming that I would be attending, I felt panicked and unsure as to whether or not I’d actually be able to make it. Lately, I’ve really been struggling in social situations and I really doubted whether or not I’d be able to do it.

Recently, I was supposed to attend a little party with Jack and it had dawned on me earlier on in the day that I didn’t feel sure about going. Just a sort of overwhelming feeling, but of course, I decided it would be a good idea to try and shut it away. Once we arrived to where we were supposed to be spending the evening, I just couldn’t bring myself to even get out of the car. I was feeling panicked and worried and honestly, quite sick. I was trying to come up with every excuse under the sun not to get out of the car. In the end, I didn’t get out of the car and we went home.

Thanks to the lovely Jaide for taking control of my ridiculous selfie stick! Say hello to Alina, Lily, Farheen, Fran, Charlie and Emily

Sometime’s, the idea of something is way scarier than the act itself. I know that I should have just got out of the car and gone in, but I was just feeling so anxious and insecure that I honestly just felt as though I couldn’t.

Luckily, on the day of the event, I felt pretty calm for the majority of the morning and once I arrived at Oxford Circus and met some of the other bloggers, I was surprisingly feeling even more relaxed. Last Saturday showed me that if I just relax, meeting new people isn’t scary at all. I’m sure there will be times in the future where I’ll be sat outside a party in the car and fearing that horrendous things are about to happen, but I know that I can get up, get out and get on with it and I am stronger than I think. 

Thanks for the photo Charlie!
So overall, despite the since pretty awful events on twitter, I had an amazing time at the event, getting to meet so many amazing bloggers and influencers! Let”s hope that the next time I get to go to a blogger event, it doesn’t follow with drama from the organisers. Here’s to a happy blogging community with no body shaming or negativity! 
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  1. This is such a lovely post, I'm missing it so much already! It was so lovely meeting you darling, these photos are so cute aha! I didn't even realise there was Twitter drama clearly I've been living under a rock?! But great post lovely! xx

  2. It was lovely to meet you too! Awww thanks haha! Oh dear, best leave the the drama under the rock if it's not surfaced to your feed yet haha! xx

  3. looks like a great day! it can be so intimidating meeting new people so well done you! 🙂 xxx

  4. You are confident and it was nice meeting you. It was also so lovely to meet new friends. Let's stay in touch. See you soon. Heather xoxo

  5. Such a shame that your fun day was tainted, glad you and bump had a nice time! Hopefully we will meet at a blogging event in 2017 xx

  6. I had such a lovely day and was so great to meet you! But ive definitely been hiding under a rock as i completely missed the drama and have no idea whats happened, clearly i need to catch up!

    Dana |

  7. Thank you so much! xx

  8. Thank you so much Heather! It was lovely to meet you too and everyone else! Here's to the next one! Hope you are well 🙂 xx

  9. Thanks Gemma! Eeeep, yes, it'd be so lovely to meet with our little bubas too! x

  10. Ahhh it was lovely to meet you too!! Oh it was a bit more of some unprofessional comments passed but still not something that I'd like to be associated with >.< Such a shame really! xx

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