Sunday Style Board | #46 | Ft. Olivia Burton, Converse, TOPSHOP and more!
So here I am, preparing another style board to share with ya’ll and I can’t help but notice how bright this weeks is in comparison to the usual! I’m sure by now you’re sick of hearing that I’m struggling with my body image whilst being pregnant, but one of the things keeping me going is that I am excited to get my body and my style back after the baby arrives! Of course, I’m most excited about the baby arriving full stop, but a girl can still have style after she births her child! So this week’s style board is slightly more spring inspired but still pretty cosy.

First up, is this gorgeous faux suede trench coat which coming in at just over £25, is a bargain of a buy! I currently have three coat’s, the beloved fluffy hooded Topshop parka, a pleather jacket and a “posh” dress coat, I’m not sure what the style is actually called but it’s this one right here. So, as you can see, ya girl is missing a trench coat!
I decided to pair this with an oversized jumper, for maximum comfort of course! This nude one in particular is from Mango and obviously I adore it. I really think the roll neck makes for a super cosy outfit that’ll almost feel like you’re wearing those thick Christmas pj’s, y’know? But it still looks tres chic! Grab it online now for £39.99.
I’ve noticed, and I’m sure you will have too, a large amount of embroidery gracing the grids of Instagram lately, both on shoes and now jeans too. I’ve loved the idea of it wholeheartedly since I first saw it and now I’m eager to get my hands on some embroidered jeans, like these Topshop mom jeans! Now, I’ve never owned a pair of mom jeans but if you’ve been reading my little blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m always eyeing a pair up and currently, it’s this one! Available from Topshop now for £58.
Of course, Converse are making an appearance, but surprise, not the white pair! I’ve gone for this bright pink pair because what’s an amazing way to add a pop of colour to your everyday wardrobe? Converse of course!(Any excuse right

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect new handbag! This faux leather tote handbag is something that my mother wouldn’t like as it doesn’t have a zip across the top, sorry mum! But just like the sweater, I adore the neutral shade. I’m sure it would get dirty hella quickly but it really is just a lovely staple to have and it looks pretty roomy too. I think it’d contrast nicely against the trench coat too, don’t you think? You can pick up this tote online now from Old Navy for around £28. 
To accessorise, I found this cute little choker from BooHoo and yes, I’m sure you could use a shoelace and get the same effect, but I think it’s a cute touch. For £4, it’s not breaking the bank either! To really top everything off though, I’ve paired the outfit with this absolutely gorgeous Olivia Burton rose gold watch. I really like the classy look of this watch, but I’m sure if I did treat myself to it, I’d be wearing it everyday, it’s just too beautiful to not, right!
What do you think of this look? Would you rock it? How do you feel about embroidered jeans? Let me know below!
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