A little while ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at Sammydress to see if I wanted to place a little order for myself! Once I’d had a quick browse on their website, I knew that I couldn’t turn down the opportunity! Sammydress is basically an online outlet for loads of super cute clothing pieces and accessories! Being pregnant, I’ve really struggled with clothes in the sense that I’ve found most maternity items are just.. not that nice and sizing up in normal clothing doesn’t always.. work! So I decided to go for some super cute accessories from Sammydress to update my wardrobe a little bit for the autumn/winter season!

Accessorise with SammyDress | Love, Maisie
Bag* | Scarf* | Watch* | Bracelet*

First up, I wanted to talk about the little details. I first chose this gold, stone triangle bracelet. I thought it was something a little bit different to what I already had in my little bracelet collection. I like that it’s a bangle (almost) as I don’t own many like this! I also think it really compliments this adorable kitty watch that I chose! Grab one for yourself for just £2.27!
I’m always going on and on about how I find it so hard to pick a watch that I just love, well ladies and gentlemen(are there any gentlemen reading? I’d love to know!), I think I’ve found it! This faux leather strap watch with a gold kitty shaped frame and sweet little kitty face is beyond adorable and it’s just so… well, me! I know that sounds super cliche but it’s true! I’m a real animal lover and cats will always have  a special place in my heart! Also available with a black strap, I think this little watch is perfect for adding a special little touch to your normal, everyday outfit! I also think it would make a gorgeous little Christmas gift, don’t you?! For only £3.88, it’s an absolute bargain and would work for anyone’s budget!
Accessorise with SammyDress | Love, Maisie blog
I personally think that both of these little gems resemble quality of the likes of all of our favourite high street shops like Topshop and H&M but at a mere fraction of the price!
As for the scarf, it’s my new favourite! You all know that my tartan and dogtooth scarf from Primark is my ultimate go to, but this one is certainly top of the pile at the moment. I’m not sure what I love more, the colours or the pom poms? Maybe it’s a mix of both, who knows! You can grab one for yourself here for just £9.29! Also available in 9 other colours/patterns!
Last but not least is my favourite item of the four and it’s this faux leather mini backpack! I say mini because it’s not huge but you can actually fit a fair amount in there(ie, my huge key bunch, two purses, umbrella, rennie’s, my phone and then a bunch of random crap that I don’t really need..)! I love the eyelet detailing so much, I think it really is what makes this little number stand out! It’s probably not the most practical of “mum gear”, but it’s cute and I love it so I’ll certainly still be using it into the new year! Available online now from Sammydress in three colours for just £10.76.
Accessorise with SammyDress | Cute Accessories! | Love, Maisie
Have you ordered anything from SammyDress before? Were you as impressed as I was? Let me know!
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